Like many others navigating this re-entry period, I’m editing out the things that feel stagnant and adding in the things that bring joy. Design, fashion, photography, organization, sustainability, education, entrepreneurship. It all lights me up. I love when something starts with a story, a vision, and often, a pivot at exactly the right time. Here’s what I have in mind…


Allow me to introduce services that will yield lightness, confidence, and empowerment. The ultimate edit to ease your organization, styling, and shopping needs. With personalized recommendations for your lifestyle, preferences, and budget, I’d love to revolutionize this experience to make you feel educated, encouraged, and empowered. What works for me? Loyalty to small— often women-owned— businesses with mission-based concepts, clear sustainability practices, and attention to their impact on the planet. I hope to share these with all of you, too.


An excellent starting point for that closet cleanout you’re procrastinating. Can be completed virtually or in-person if local to the greater Boston area. There’s so much emotion tied to “things” and it takes gentle, yet direct, guidance to sift through. This process includes:

Item try-on to discuss body type, color palate, fit preferences, etc.
Identify keepers, consignments, donations, and tosses
Establish organization strategies
Locate sustainable/charitable donation sites

Clear the clutter, love what you own, know where it lives, and release the things no longer serving you.


Clothes can be a representation of who we are, what we value, and how we carry ourselves. Curate a closet that lights you up and leaves you feeling empowered, every time. The styling service includes:

Taking inventory of what you already own
Creating styled outfits with photos for later reference
Recommended alterations to refine fit
Identification of current wardrobe gaps
Notes for what to look for during future shops


Need new items but absolutely hate the headache of shopping? Let’s problem solve! This hands-on and off service includes:

Assessment highlighting habits, body type, fit/color preferences, and budget
Personalized shopping list with sourced items and links
Can be a one-time shop for complete wardrobe overhaul; seasonally 4x/year; travel and packing focused; and/or event-specific

Note: Behind the scenes time to source and deliver items is booked as a one-hour session. Content with recs and ready to shop solo? We’re done! Want further insight? Book an additional one-hour session for a virtual try-on and feedback session.


Sometimes, one is not complete without the others. For a discounted price, I’ll edit, style, and shop for a comprehensive refresh. To me, this is the most effective way to really get to know you along this evolving and likely seasonal journey.

$200 for your first three hours + extra time booked at standard $75/hour rate as needed