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My blog 🙋🏼‍♀️

Hey, welcome to my blog 💁🏼‍♀️

So, I decided to start a blog because I’m a creative person and enjoy writing on paper and online, so I thought why the heck not! 📝

I’m a 21 one year old instagram fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger from Lincolnshire, UK 🇬🇧 I also do digital art (portraits & logos) in my spare time and as a side hustle 💰🎨

I love animals and have two dogs called Bella and Bobby, Bella is a toy poodle and Bobby is a miniture labradoodle. Bella likes to think she’s the boss and Bobby is a softie. 🐾

I’m a big supporter of cruelty free brands and products and believe that in this day and age no animals should be harmed in the creation of any product! 🚫


Sipful cocktails & organic wine in a can 🍸

Sipful sent me four of their cocktails & organic wine in a can to try out! The flavours I received were Organic bubbles, orange mimosa, blood orange mimosa and peach Bellini 🍹 (gifted)

● Organic Bubbles 🥂

○ Organic - Kind to you, kind to nature, kind to the planet.
○ Less chemicals used to grow and make, low sulphites
○ No sweetening - Naturally balanced, no added sugar or flavours,

● Orange Mimosa 🍊

○ A classic cocktail, brunch
○ Natural fruit - Only natural fruit juice- no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours used.
○ Fresh - Authentic fruit, natural, sunshine in a can

● Blood Orange Mimosa 🩸🍊

○ A modern take on a classic cocktail, brunch
○ Natural fruit - Only natural fruit juice- no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours used.
○ Fresh - Authentic fruit, natural, sunshine in a can

● Peach Bellini 🍑

○ Classic cocktail
○ Natural fruit - Only natural fruit juice- no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours used.
○ Fresh - Authentic fruit, natural, sunshine in a can

Why are cans better? 🤔

• Recyclability - 75% less energy is used when recycling aluminium as it is when using glass ♻️

• CO2 - Aluminium is lightweight, significantly reducing carbon emissions associated with the transport of packaging.

• Single-serve, Not committed to drinking a whole bottle

• Convenience - Glass is brittle and is often forbidden at outdoor and sporting events. It is also inconvenient to those who enjoy and outdoors and active lifestyle. Cans are a simple and convenient solution, allowing wine and beverage lovers the opportunity to enjoy a tipple, as cans are light, crushable and cant shatter.

LadyBossBlogger courses

LadyBossBlogger Course + Giveaway: How to make money as an Instagram Influencer

I recently started a course for Instagram influencers which gives you all the right tips, tricks and advice on how to make money and become successful on Instagram. It’s been less than a week since I started the course, because of lockdown I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands and have completed the first section already! I’ve taken lots of notes and have enjoyed learning new things that I would have never thought about doing or changing before on my Instagram account!

The course is broken down into the following categories:

1. Introduction- 6 sections
2. Branding- 6 sections
3. Content- 4 sections
4. Pitching- 3 sections
5. Brands- 3 sections
6. Money- 7 sections
7. Legal- 4 sections
8. Conclusion- 3 sections
9. Bonuses- 13 sections
All together you’re getting 49 pages/documents of valuable information!

Want 40% off LadyBossBlogger Courses? Click the link below and use my code ‘BECCYCATHERINE’ 😊

What I’ve learnt so far

So far I’ve learnt about what to expect from the course, how to set work hours and stay organised. This will help me to remember to not be posting anytime of the day or week but to be more strategic when creating content and posting at set times. Also, how having a blog is a big YES if you’re an influencer as you’ll appeal more to brands, and some brands only work with influencers who have one, this is something I didn’t know before taking the course! As well as having an email list for your blog which is very helpful. For those that are beginners to the industry, there are also beginner mistakes that can be avoided. Even though I’m not a beginner, I still found these tips very helpful! I learnt the differences between a creator and business account, and how to make your feed stand out, as well as many mor helpful tips and tricks. (I don’t want to share too much and give too much info away!)

I will also be running a giveaway on my Instagram account where one lucky person will win a FREE course of their choice valued at $600! Check out the giveaway post on my Instagram on how to enter!

Here are some FREE LadyBossBlogger resources:

♥ 7 Day Make Money Blogging
♥ 21 Day Build A Better Blog
♥ 5 Day Master Affiliate Marketing
♥ 3 Day Become An Instagram Influencer

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Budslife CBD patches 💚

I can’t wait to test out these @budslifecbduk CBD patches to see if they’ll help with my anxiety and fatigue and hopefully help me sleep better 🍁

I will be posting my progress on Instagram stories, so keep an eye out! 🤗


About the patches:

✅ Each patch contains 16mg of CBD oil infused into it.
✅They are designed to release safe & measured levels of CBD throughout the day
✅ It’s a quicker way of absorbing CBD, transdermal absorption is quicker than digestion since the CBD has to reach the stomach before it’s broken down & absorbed when it’s digested!
✅They are scentless
✅They contain 0% THC, as their lab report states

CBD patches are patches made of an adhesive, safe material that is coated in a solution, gel or oil that contains a carefully measured dose of CBD molecules. This oil also contains permeation enhancers that allow it to better penetrate the skin and carriers that make sure the body can break down the fat-soluble molecules to absorb the CBD more quickly! 💚

Smile Now teeth whitening 😁

Smile Now recently reached out to me and wanted to send me two weeks worth of their teeth whitening strips 😁

After my first use I noticed a big difference in the shade of white my teeth were, even my mum and Nan noticed! 🤯

They are:

✅Cruelty free
✅Peroxide free
✅Made in the UK

I would recommend these strips to anyone who wants to try teeth whitening, as they are easy to use, and only take 30 mins out of your day; also there’s no need for a UV device 🙌🏻

I’ve tried other whitening strips in the past, but these have been the best I’ve tried so far 😍

SK-IN products review 💄✨

SK-IN are a cruelty free and vegan brand and kindly sent me some products to review, which I got to chose; however all opinions are honest!

Here is their ethos:
‘We are SK -IN. Feel good formulas for him, her, everyone.
We believe that skin has truth and simplicity, but that simplicity should never be taken to mean ordinary.
We believe that each one of us is special, each one of us is different and yet, each one of us is the same. Skin empowers us as individuals but it also unites us.
We are SK -IN. And we are for each of us as one.’

The Matte liquid lipstick in the shade ‘honest’: I chose the palest colour because of my pale skin tone and I knew it would dry down to a darker colour anyway, and the colour was perfect; not too dark and not too light! The formula is very smooth on the lips and just glides on nicely, it’s not too drying and quite long lasting. Overall a 9/10 😇

The Duo highlighter in the shade ‘spirited’: This highlighter had a pink colour too it which I loved, as I usually go for pink or white toned highlighters. The formula did create a bit of fallout when I put my fan brush on to it, and the sparkles in it were a bit chunky. If you like that then that’s great, I didn’t mind that to be honest, as it blended out well on my skin anyway! The highlighter turns out great in flash photos too, overall an 8/10 ☺️

The fleece lined hoodie with the SK-IN logo on it:
I loved the hoodie, it’s fleece lined so great for winter! I’ve actually slept in it the last couple of nights and it keeps me so warm! It’s very well made too! overall a 10/10 😍

Use my code ‘SKINRC3EJ’ to get 15% off your order!

@princessshack89 proucts review!  —

Bath bombs review 💣

Unicorn bomb:
This had a subtle vanilla scent and left a creamy frothy milky layer on the top of the water, it did not change the colour of the water.

Bubblegum push pop bomb:
This created a blue, yellow and pink foam on top of the water and had a bubblegum scent, it turned the bath water a dark lavender colour with a milky layer on top.

Charmed bath bomb:
It was Pink, purple and blue coloured, and turned the bath water a deep purple colour, it didn’t leave a milky froth later on top and had a fruity fragrance.

Flower pot bath bomb:
This left the water a gorgeous dark pink colour and smelt lovely, with a cute little flower on top.

My favourite bath bomb was the bubblegum push pop, because of its colours, froth, scent and push pop mechanism which was really unique! 🦄

Wax melts review 🔥

Black cherry wax melt:
This had a strong fragrance, and the scent lasted in the room for a few hours after turning the burner off. 10/10

Hotel of dreams wax melt:
It had a subtle fragrance, it wasn’t as strong as the black cherry wax melt.
Fresh linen:
It had a strong scent, nice refreshing smell, the scent stayed in the room after switching the burner off.

Spiced berries:
It had a strong scent, and I could smell it in the room after switching the burner off for a couple of hours.

My favourite wax melt scents were the black cherry and fresh linen, because of their strong scents and how long the scents lasted in my room after turning the burner off 🍒☁️

@thejealouslife sweets review 🍬

@thejealouslife sent me a selection of sweets to try and they are so yummy 🤤 I only opened one packet which were the tangy worms, as the rest are being given as Christmas presents 🎁 The worms were apple & lemon and strawberry & orange, my favourite were the apple & lemon ones 😍

In the box I also received:

🍬Love bears, pineapple & grapefruit
🍬Happy bears, apple & lemon
🍬Grizzly bears, lemon, apple, orange and strawberry
🍬Fizzy friends, grapefruit and peach
🍬Tropical wonder, mango, melon, pineapple and grapefruit.

Their sweets are:

✅Gluten Free
✅Sugar Free options available
✅No artificial colours or flavours

You can use my code ‘COPLEY10’ for £ off your order!



Skinkissed serum review 💧

Info from the Skinkissed product page on amazon:

‘Skinkissed serum contains a powerful mix of natural Ingredients To Help Achieve Natural & Healthy Skin. Hyaluronic Acid Plums and Hydrates Dry & Dull Skin, Whilst Removing Acne Scars And Healing Prone Skin.
A Supreme Active Anti Ageing Serum That Powerfully Firms, Hydrates And Rejuvenates With A Highly Potent Concentration Of Ingredients. Removing Wrinkles & Any Signs Of Ageing.
This SKINKISSED Serum Has Been Designed To Instantly Leave Your Skin Glowing, Smoother And Tighter. The Much Loved Serum Expertly Calms, Repairs And Smoothes Sensitive, Dry Or Mature Skin and Boosts Radiance.
MADE IN THE UK - This product Has Never Been Tested On Animals & Is Cruelty-Free. The product contains High Quality & Natural Ingredients Including Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen. Manufactured Under GMP Standards.’

I wanted to try the Skinkissed vitamin C serum for one week before leaving a review to see how effective it was. It left my skin really soft and didn’t cause any breakouts on my face, it felt hydrating and I didn’t feel the need to use a moisturiser with it either. The smell was pleasant too, it also gave a nice natural glow to my skin! Overall 10/10 🤗

Amore Designs 💟

Hamsa hand Keyring with customisable crystal add on charm✨

Crystal healing is an alternative therapy which gemstones are used to help balance our mind, body and soul. Each gemstone has its own healing, spiritual properties and can be linked to each of the twelve zodiac signs! 💎

I chose amethyst as my add on charm, did you know that amethyst has healing attributes of health, beauty, clarity & protection ✨

Wake Skincare 🌿

Face mask and eye gel product review 🤍

Wake skincare gifted me their eye gel and face mask to try out and review 🤍

The items I received are cruelty free, sulphate free, Paraben free, FSC approved, responsibly sourced ingredients and their packaging reduces plastic waste! 👏🏻

Wake Skincare is a Start-up business on a mission, to create products designed for 'generation connected'. A brand born out of the frustrations of being glued to screens, working long hours and always being switched on. 🤳🏻

For every product sold, a donation will be made to help victims of domestic violence. They donate 5% of their net profits to Women's Aid and partake in charity events in each quarter. 🙌🏻

Women’s Aid have been at the forefront of shaping and coordinating responses to domestic abuse for over 40 years. By empowering women who have been affected by domestic abuse, listening to their experiences and working in partnership with other domestic abuse services, we aim to build a society in which domestic abuse is no longer tolerated. 💃🏼

The products they currently sell are their eye gel, face mask and face cream!