Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

My name is Becky McGregor!
Fiancé. Mother.
Nutrition and Fitness coach.
Zyia Activewear rep.

I’m here to help you reach your nutrition and fitness goals with personalized coaching.

I’ve been a Fitness leader for 20 yrs,
Throughout those years, I’ve had many different interests and certifications to go with it! HIIT training, Zumba, strength and conditioning and the latest being Fitness Boxing,

My certification from Precision Nutrition, followed by my completion of Poly Health Certification, has given me the opportunity to help clients reach their health goals with personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, while learning how to fuel your body for success!

Nutrition Coaching

It takes time to create new healthy habits, I’m here to guide you each step of the way to reach your goals.

My guidance is guaranteed to teach you how properly fuel your body and learn healthy habits while losing those UNWANTED inches!

My goals are to inspire, educate and provide as much support as you need around nutrition and lifestyle choices.


I will do this by:
• Calculating your caloric/macro needs
• Teaching healthy portion sizes
• Teaching how to read food labels
• Calculating macronutrient ratios
• Teaching success in the grocery store
• Using positive coaching and communication techniques
• Teaching health benefits of various food groups
• Evaluating eating practices
• Provide general guidance
• Perform body measuring and dietary assessments if needed

I require a minimum commitment of 12 weeks.
If you’d like to continue after that, an additional monthly fee thereafter of $150.

Consult $30 (deducted from fees when you sign up)
12 weeks $495
16 weeks $625
+4 weeks (monthly) $150

fees can be e-transfered to :

Fill out the intake form below to make sure we’re the right fit, when you’re ready to take action!

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Working with Becky just over a year now I can promise you that I have a diff approach to my fitness & nutrition. Workouts with her are always fun, (even when she tries to kill us) Personally I love the morning classes, I'm up & out of the house before anyone wakes up & home before kids get on the bus. I have more energy and a better mindset for my day. This also leaves my evenings free for family. Not interested in joining us first thing in the am?! She's got you; evening sessions that you can make into your own group with friends or even one on one sessions.

This summer we started working together nutrition wise, teaching me all the things and how to meet your macros for each day. I'm kinda a slow or stubborn learner maybe, I mean technically I can still grab a big mac & have it fit into my daily count (nothing wrong with a little mcd's guys but maybe not when your trying to loose the baby weight 😉) August I finally got serious & listened to this girl, turns out she knows what she's talking about and I was able to drop 10lbs. Peaches rolled out end of Augsut & I may have bought 3 cases. This slowed my progress down, I remember laughing with her about this, she told me peaches aren't bad for you, no prob not but it's the muffins I bake those peaches into that got me 😆 (have you tried my peach muffins?? soo good!!)

Anyway applying what I've learned I've been able to eat normally with my family & keep the weight off. I am jumping back in this month & If anyone wants to do this with me let me know (you don't have to be local!)


I have to send a huge shout out to this lady Becky. Two months ago, I came to her for help to reach some pretty huge fitness goals. The biggest goal was to return to high performance tackle football. Now to give you an idea, the last time I suited up was over 5 years. And no I did not keep up the maintenance of an athletic body and COVID didn’t help either. I was at the heaviest I have ever been. Since I started working out with Becky this is what she helped me achieve in only two months so far:

1. making sure I eat healthy and getting the right amount of food, and types of food. (So protein, vegetables, calories the list is long but you get the idea)
2. Building my strength, endurance. My energy has doubled if not more since starting. I now drink 1 cup of coffee a day. (Was almost a pot just to stay awake. Now I drink it cause I like my morning coffee)
3. Building my confidence in myself (one reason I hated going to the gym)
4. Lastly losing inch’s 34 to date, and 15 pounds dropped to date. Dropped 2 clothing sizes!!!

She has helped me in so many ways.
Always answering my questions (if she doesn’t have the answer she sure finds it fast).
When I hit a bump in the road she helps me to see that it’s a pebble and I am still moving forward. I never feel judged, or uncomfortable at a work out, because I couldn’t do an exercise for what ever reason. She adjusts the exercise on the fly no question, and reminds me it’s my work out, my body.

I have determination to accomplish my goals, with Becky’s help I know I am going to hit them. Anyone wanting to get healthy I highly recommend Becky!

Fitness Coaching

Group Fitness sessions
Monday - Friday ~ 6:15 - 7:00am

There's strength in numbers!

Exercise in a group setting can lead to improved motivation, attendance, and better mood! A fun way to move, with like minded people, can have a big impact on your well-being, too.

Monthly session passes include
8 ($65) 12 ($80) or 20 ($100) sessions

1 on 1 Private sessions/Private group sessions
Monday - Friday
7:00 - 7:45am
5:15 - 6:00pm
6:10 - 6:55

1 on 1
Not into group settings?
Book your 1 on 1 session to kick up your fitness regime.
Private Group sessions
Grab your crew and book at time for a fun personal workout!

Effective May 1, 2022. Private/private groups session fees:
$30/+10 each additional person

Online Fitness Coaching

Whether you’re training in your living room or a
gym, you’ll benefit from the expertise, accountability and motivation that comes with having your own coach!!

If your goal is to elevate personal overall fitness, gain strength, drop body fat, gain lean muscle, or simply move better, one-on-one coaching can get you there!

- Individual fitness plan created just for you
- Detailed exercise explanations, modifications
- Check ins

$125 monthly

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