Hi! I'm Becky!

I'm so glad you're here! I can't wait to connect!

I'm 27 & work as a cardiac sonographer! I was so full of passion, empathy & enthusiasm. But the shortage of staff, the stress & the burnout of working in healthcare got REAL. I found myself dreading going to work, angry & exhausted ALL OF THE TIME. Basically I was losing everything I loved about myself. I knew then & there I had to make some serious changes.

I started making small changes, such as changing some of the vitamins I take daily. I've done hours of research ( I'm crazy, I know.) I came across LeVel & decided to give them a try. I have FALLEN in love with the products. They are all natural. The energy I have found with these products have been unmatched. They have every product imaginable. Everything from vitamins, to skin care, to energy boosters, you name it, they have it. Not only has my energy level changed, I've noticed changes in my gut health. Which is so important me, due to the fact I have Crohn’s Disease. My focus has been completely changed. I've been more efficient, more productive & most importantly I've been less stressed.

I love these products so much, that I have decided to become a promoter with this company. I have never worked for a company that has wanted their workers to achieve success AND financial freedom. The compensation plan is UNMATCHED with this company. There are NO monthly fees to run your business. You do NOT have to pay for the products. This company has given me the financial freedom to only work my hospital job when I want. This company has given me the time freedom to do things that bring me more happiness. I would make the decision to work for this company OVER & OVER AGAIN.

With having more freedom, I am now also able to do things that bring me happiness. Health & fitness is a HUGE passion of mine. I have a bachelor's degree in exercise science, so I thought to myself "why don't I put that to good use?" So I started taking on clients to help work on their fitness, nutrition & mindset. I have been blown away on how much joy this has brought me.

If you are tired of feeling burnout & feeling trapped, you're in the right place. If you're looking to better your health, better your future & give yourself more financial freedom or time freedom, you're in the right place.

Let me help you create the life YOU want. Let's do this thing babe! 💥🤍