Gut Check

Hey, I’m Becky!

I know if you’re here, you’re a little curious.

Let me share a little bit about my journey.

Gut Check👇🏻

I wish I would have found this earlier. Truly a game changer on tackling Crohn’s disease in my life. Diagnosed when I was around 20 yrs old, now 28, I was plagued with constant bloating, fatigue, bouts of constipation/diarrhea and the list goes on. I was on steroids during my flare just to have relief for a little while. It was a battle of wanting to eat, but terrified to because of how I was going to feel afterwards. I was to the point my Dr. put me on Humira which I was not happy about. After a year of giving myself injections every other week I decided to hold off and try to eliminate foods that caused my Crohn’s to flare up more and get into a consistent workout routine to help my energy levels.

Everything has changed! I’m no longer hitting that 2pm wall, where the struggle to want to take a nap is real. I can eat without having severe bloating. I’m a regular when it comes to the bathroom💩. No one likes to talk about poop, but when this is a HUGE issue in your life you want to tell the WORLD what has helped you! I don’t consider myself overweight by any means. I look forward to my morning routine to get me going before my workouts. To anyone just starting their journey, hang in there.

If you’re curious about what has changed my health & my life, reach out. I gave it a good 60-90 days to start seeing results. My gut was in pretty bad shape, but the reward is SO GREAT my friends! My tummy is happy, my sleep is awesome and my workouts are amazing.