Hi Friends!

So nice to meet you 💕

I’m Becky. I live with my fiance on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia with our 7 chickens and our cat, Lenny. 

In the summer of 2018 a very large blood clot caused my heart to stop beating for 38 minutes.  No that is not a typo lol! Thankfully I was surrounded in those moments by amazing people in the emergency room (and probably a few guardian angels)!

But as they say, EVERYTHING in life changed in that moment. Like many of you, prior to this I was healthy and active.

My cardiac arrest caused a brain injury and not surprisingly, a very long, slow, frustrating journey back to health.  I was so scared and lost. I never knew what anxiety was before this happened. I thought I had my future all planned out and then… BOOM.

Don’t feel sad!  This was weirdly one of the best things that has ever happened to me! 

If I could share 3 things that I’ve learned….
1. Your employer doesn’t care about you

2. Your health is SO PRECIOUS

3. YOU are the hero of your story

Now is the time to take action!

We have all had a time in our lives that we felt stuck, afraid, lost, stressed, exhausted and unhealthy.

Even though I survived I believe I could have done better!

I am now on a mission to help women live healthier lives, reduce stress and not run themselves ragged.

We only get one body, one life! Make it a #Boldlife!

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