We all have an internal light.

I believe that when you shine from the inside your life aligns itself perfectly for you.

My story of becoming bright….

To become bright you first have become dim. For me, having been born a perfectionist, people pleaser, and of a fixed mindset I can reflect now and see that my dimming had been a long slow time coming. But once I became “mom” to my 2nd sweet baby boy (where my boy moms at?) maintaining my high stress career, motherhood, good wife, and all of the things I simply lost myself.

Over the past nearly 3 years I have been on an incredible journey. It started simple with daily gratitude and growing through Universal Alignment and manifestation, and peaked with opening my fixed mindset into a growth mindset. I have come so far and so much light has been brought into my life.

What have I accomplished?
▪️Opened my Mindset
▪️Grounded Anxiety
▪️Filled the hole depression created in me
▪️Universal Alignment and Manifestation
▪️Abundance Flows
▪️Dual Careers Thriving
▪️Created our Kansas City home sweet home
▪️Best physical health & hot mom bod EVER

I have learned that each and every human being has the ability to craft their own future. YOU own your choices one at a time, little by little. If you do the honest hard work of facing your personal ish you can absolutely live life as your brightest self. 🌟🌟

I am here to support you in all ways of your journey, Wellness is a whole body, mind, and soul journey. My experiences and resources are yours to use. Mindfulness practices to world class supplementation to finding your own voice and brand.

Welcome to #becomingbrite I am so happy you are here.

Questions? Want to learn more? Let’s connect!