Becoming Queens

Become the Queen you were born to be!

I help women to become the queens they were born to be, by educating on abuse, getting in a good mindset and helping them feel confident when they walk out the door!

Being someone that has had multiple abusive relationships, I am on my own healing journey. Come along with me!


Products I can’t live without!

Everyday skin care

These products are the bees knees for women 40 and over or anyone that is looking to repair their skin from sun damage and slow down aging too!

Fountain of youth

This set is what I call the fountain of youth!!! It helps with wrinkle, age spots, and environmental damage to your skin!

Eye Restoring

These pink sparkly patches of eye bliss helps to reduce under eye puffyness! Kids keeping you up? Crying yourself to sleep? No one will be the wiser! Best thing is they don’t slide down your face! I use these bad boys as I’m cleaning!

Hair treatment

Don’t get caught up about the price this will last forever! A little goes along way and it smells amazing! If you color or have dry hair this product is for you! Even if you don’t have dry hair they have a formula for normal hair! As always I recommend getting this from a salon but if a salon near you doesn’t carry it we will Sercombe to ordering from Amazon .

Moroccan Oil Styling Cream

I put this on damp hair every time it smells amazing and it hydrated AND controls Frizz! And of course if you style your hair which I don’t 99% of the time. It also helps hold your curls or waves !

Moroccan Oil Protect and Prevent

This product is amazing for people with color treated hair. It protects your hair from environmental factors and in return your color fades slower!!

Dry Shampoo

Love the fact that it’s tinted!! As a lady with dark hair. If we don’t get something that’s tinted the white residue some dry shampoo leaves is not attractive. I also like the fact it doesn’t make my hair feel heavy like some dry shampoos do.