About Me

Who is she?

Hi. I'm Samantha. A Tech Creative - a technology enthusiast and someone who enjoys being creative.

Becoming Samantha, is my platform where I share my tech, career and life learnings. I pass on what I would have wanted to know so you don’t make the mistakes I did. From how to get into tech, the opportunities in the industry, what I’m learning as I transition through my career to life milestones like buying my first property.

Previously studied Computer Science, interned in tech in investment banks and consulting before working full time in big tech (cloud computing space) for almost 5 years. After studying CS and doing internships I realised I liked technology but coding 9-5 wasn’t for me and so proceeded to find what non coding roles existed and to my surprise there were so many (even technical roles!). To date I’ve held roles in Account management, Customer Success and Cloud Solution Architecture. A real mix.

Technology is not my only interest. I love to find ways to be creative from digital art to singing/song writing and have an interest in entrepreneurship. I also love to travel but based in London, UK.

Once I'm inspired by something, I learn and I love to encourage others to do the same! Life long learning all the way.

Becoming Samantha also represents my journey to become the best version of myself, as well as the reality of what it takes to get there. If you are the same or on a similar road, come and join the community.

I'm sharing as much as I can on Instagram and Tiktok but have started sharing more via my newsletter. From the coolest tech news, tech opportunities/resources with links, my thoughts on specific topics/ more on what I'm learning to early announcements on upcoming projects I'm working on so do sign up below!


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