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Meet Ashlee Kelley and Katie Claunch. Just two girls trying to make a difference in people’s lives through Jesus Christ.

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where’s your excitement for HIM?

shouldn’t it be a joy to go to church?
shouldn’t it be a joy to help the children, learning who Christ is?
shouldn’t it be a joy to open your bible?
shouldn’t it be a joy to raise your arms in worship?
get. excited. for. Christ.
the Church is awaiting you. they’re excited to see you. CHRIST is excited to see you. what are you waiting for?!? he deserves your full attention and love. think of all he’s done for you? are you excited yet? YOU SHOULD BE!!! he took your sins. he’s given you unending grace. he gives us a chance at revival. are you excited now?? go to church. help out with those who are new to their faiths. open your bible. raise your hands in worship. be excited for Christ. no more excuses, it’s not “work” it’s not “hard” it’s not an “inconvenience”. ITS JESUS CHRIST!!!

blog entry #1

my biggest hurt

it hurts me most when friends and family that i’m close to don’t accept Christ. it also hurts when friends and family that i’m close to live out “fake faiths” (they say their religious, but don’t act it).

religion is my number one priority in life. and honestly, it should be for everyone. i say this because God created it all, every little thing, and He created it perfectly. in His image He created it. there’s so many more reasons for having a faith... but ultimately, Christ lived HIS whole life for us. so i proudly live my life for Christ and so should everyone else.

it hurts because i should be a light to them. it should be obvious when i walk into a room that i’m a Christian. it makes me feel like i’m failing as a Christian. it makes me feel like i didn’t do good enough.

BUT it’s important for me to take a step back and look at the big picture. i planted the seed. God will make it grow. it may take days, months, or even years but it’s not always my work. it’s Gods.

prayer. prayer is what will help me to see the difference. i pray for these people, my friends and family. that they see God in their lives and that they can realize the bigger picture. that they can see that the reason they are on this earth is because of Gods grace.

my heart goes out to the non-believers. my heart goes out to those who are struggling and don’t know what they need. my heart goes out to those with “fake faiths”. my heart yearns for my friends and family who need Christ just as much as me.

so it may hurt me now, but i can find peace in the fact that one day God will soften their hearts. i find peace in the fact that my prayers will be answered. i find peace in the fact that i’m doing what’s asks of me by God to the best of my ability. so i’ll keep inviting them to church. i’ll keep telling them about jesus. and i’ll keep loving them to death. :)))

exodus 14:14

“the LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still”

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