How can I serve you?

What I mean and what you’ll find in this space!

There’s so much info out there. The digital era is a force to be reckoned with! There’s great power in having access to all this readily available info.

I’m here to dissect the abundance of resources here for us to learn, grow, evolve and adapt into who we were made to be.

I pray to be the place you find solace when the world is creating too much noise for you, to offer you the teachings, lessons, audios, books, podcasts, recipes, bits and bobs that have enacted positive influence within my life in hopes you find something for yourself in what I share.

I’ve always been on the yo-yo of optimal health and wellness until I realised that it fizzles down to the seemingly insignificant, daily choices we make!

I want to create a vortex of serving others meaningfully, because we all benefit from helping one another, though not without putting in the work for ourselves.

Bee x

This weeks nitty gritty

Remember, it’s all about the art of sufficiency!

I hope one or all of these resonate with you, as always:
• something for your soul 🧿
• something for your brain 🧠
• something for your health 🌞
• something for your physical 🧘🏼‍♀️

  1. Soul suggestion

    Soul suggestion

    Practising the art of presence.

    How often are we starting one task only to be thinking ahead of time planning the next one or two tasks?

    This week, remind yourself to be present, in any task you’re doing; you’ve prioritised that task for a reason and now you have made space to complete it so honour yourself and be present in the moment that required your energy to complete it. See how you feel!

  2. Starting Healthpointe

    Starting Healthpointe

    What is healthpointe?

    It’s an optimal health and weight loss program designed to imbed sustainable, long term habits.

    It goes for 6 weeks, has 5 phases:
    Phase 1: preparation days (7 days)
    Phase 2: protein days (3 days)
    Phase 3: weight loss days (14 days)
    Phase 4: stabilisation days (28 days)
    Phase 5: maintenance

    How often do we set ourselves up for failure when starting our optimal health journeys? The reason I love this program is it’s simple, effective and results driven. It focuses on setting you up for long term success with basic principles and habits you can fall back on at any stage of your life!

    Ill be sharing a bit more on this as I go through the program, stay tuned!