Skills to Adopt

There must be More Than This Provincial Life

These hobbies demand your time without you noticing. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself surrounded by beautiful art in your hand. Not caligraphy, not watercolor; these are things worth trying and applicable. I linked the address too for direct enrollment.

Punch Needle

Up down up down up down and you’ll endup making a patch or even as big as a rug. It is easy.
(Image courtesy of google image)

Leather Making

Passport cover, tag, wallet, notebook, laptop case, watch strap, you name it. You can even engrave your initial.

Jewelry design

Breakfast at Tiffany’s? No. Here you can grade your own blings and sketch from scratch. Also, learn about super ideal cut that will change the way you see diamond forever, like I did. Thank me later.

Herbs Gardening

I used to wonder how to keep basil, sage, and oregano fresh on the time when I need them. Taneuh teaches urban farming to grow herbs beautifully and healthy. They even have workshop that teaches self irrigation sytem for salad garden. This is what they called real organic.
(Photo courtesy of taneuh)

Acrylic Painting

This session doesn’t require commitment. Come whenever you can. Paint and Sip wine.
Don’t worry of uneven or smeared ink , they are called Art for these reasons. Remember Monet?

Montessori Learning

If you have passion of kids like me, this class will help you a lot. Especially if you have many babies and you are staying home. Many activities for your darlings will drain their energy and later they’ll sleep peacefully.

Craft Tools

Tools that Help Me Preserve Memories

Punch Boards

Crafting with no hassle. You can make almost everything with punch boards: envelope, giftbox, alphabet, party hat, frame, pocket, banner, tag, garland, confettis, and many more. Punch punch punch, glue glue glue. Trust me, this one is a perfect investment: simple design and easy to use even with kids. My personal favorite is simple: envelope 3-in-1 punchboards, that makes envelope, box and ribbon.


Canon Selphy CP1300

I usually print my photos at the fujifilm store located below my apartment by submitting my SDcard and PRINT ALL. Now that I got canon selphy, it produces quality almost as good with its compatible size. Different with mini instant photo printer concept that uses Zink (zero ink) paper technology, this uses dye sublimation tech resulting in high color quality, water-resistant photos with film coating finish. It prints from usb, SDcard, bluetooth and smartphones. Fun part, it has photobooth mode and party mode which connects to 8 diff. phones and can create photo collage out of different sources. Lovely.

Fuji Instax Series

I love taking unintended photos. They are sincere and true; and Fuji instax series gadgets bring everything up a notch.
The current best type is the LiPlay which does both instax main features: shooting and direct printing; and instax SP feature: smartphone printer. The drawback is only the small photo size result. For this reason, I then too have the instax SP3 that prints square, bigger photo size result.


Custom Leather Photo Album

I don’t like most of photo album designs that are hard and stiff. The reason is as simple as because they are..stiff. Difficult to hold and bend. I recommend making this album because authentic leather last longer too. Then, you order clear album inserts from any scrapbooking website (start with

Psst, I already told smellsgoods the sizing guide so you can order “Like beeboo’s album”.
I made the sizing to match the common photo album / scrapbook page insert.


Belle: “Papa, do you think I’m.. odd?”

Likewise, I think of myself that way. Because, you see, I do things a bit differently and I’ll let you know why. If you think it is not odd and worth to adopt, please do so. My favorite principal is to smile to stranger. And I might snap to someone treating people unequally, (sorry..). Please, but don’t be insulted. These aren’t meant to judge but to remind myself if ever can I lose my way.


Be Kind. Some people are facing a hard battle and your smile or as simple as one greeting can change their day. Sometimes, the least person you think need your kindness, might be the one who need it most.


Excuse me, Sorry, Thank You.
While you say it, mean it.


Integrity can be seen through how people do things, including as mere as putting clear tape neatly while wrapping gift.


Appreciate others by remembering their face and name, once introduced. It is ok to forget the name but not the moment spent with them. After all, asking their name again will start a conversation. My thinking is this: the earth has millions of people and I cannot imagine if the angels sent from heaven to help me might forget my name.