Welcome everyone and thankyou for checking out my Website!
Those that don’t know me, I’m Rebecca. A Mum to a 1 year old son and 10 year old step daughter and GF to an amazing partner.
We live in Marlborough NZ.

This an online space for myself to hopefully inspire other mama to grow, prosper and succeed in the online world.

This is my personal website, blog & a side hustle rolled in one promoting health & wellness, personal development, creating a good mindset, good mental health practises and also Enagic Kangen water.

My journey to a healthier happier me through conscious lifestyle changes and incorporating a positive mindset, gratitude, self love, self growth, balance in all areas of life, good food, exercise & ionised alkaline water.

The last 5 years of my life had been somewhat interesting.... the end a 10 year toxic narcissistic abusive relationship, resulting in C-PTSD, anxiety issues, adrenal fatigue and a deep dark depression for several years, my weight stacked on over this time and my mental health and self worth spiralled. I had an unhealthy relationship with myself, toxic habits, toxic mindset, toxic relationship with food & poor boundaries and attracted unhealthy, toxic or unhealed people into my life through the law of attraction, all either beneficial blessings or lessons in the end and through the pain and the chaos, and being lost and no longer recognising myself, I did rise up, awaken and find myself and who I really am and became so much wiser and stronger from it all.

Throughout my pregnancy still in that depressed mindset, trying to get my life in order and heal, I gained nearly 28kg in 9 months (all my own doing). The day my son was born, I knew it couldn’t go on and I was extremely unhealthy physically & mentally and knew I had to change my life and SNAP out of it (it wasn’t easy), change my habits, mindset and health not only for me, but my family, my son, my biggest blessing, the one who looks up to me everyday, the one who brought so much peace, joy and healing into my life.

I am super grateful and incredibly blessed for the compassionate people that believed in me & friends, family and my loving partner who have helped restore mana, were understanding or have helped inspire, motivate and have been supportive, uplifting or encouraging on this journey.

Physically I have a long way to go, mentally and spiritually I feel the best I have felt in many years, every positive step, is a step forward to a healthier me.
It’s never too late to change your life.

This page is to help keep me accountable & motivated on my weight loss journey & hopefully inspire some others and also a side hustle for a better and successful life all whilst balancing the act of being a stay at home mama and part-time Pharmacy assistant.

I will be promoting some amazing products such as Enagic, and I will be providing info, as well as tools to help others on their journey to success and health.

I stumbled into the online space through someone I started following, a beautiful Mum who also lives in NZ. I was introduced to a system online that allowed flexibility and freedom. It went against everything I ever knew about working for an income. I sat on the fence for months looking at different ways I could earn money after my paid maternity leave came to an end. But after much research (and procrastination), I’ve jumped onto an affiliate marketing platform (scared & skeptical at the time btw) and now I have not looked back.
The support and training is amazing. The training is flexible and all self paced. I am surrounded by like minded people and coached by amazing mentors who are living the life they desire.

I am working hard on my growth and also to create the future that I want for myself and my family while still having freedom and time to spend with them.

If anyone is interested I can help provide info and help steer people in the right direction to get the right training and support to set up their own online business page, to start earning money online as a side hustle or potentially full time.

Please reach out if any of this resonates or aligns with you.

I am looking foward to sharing my journey with you. It’s only the beginning!

It all starts with you 💫

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