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Eyestrains? Difficulty to fall asleep? Headaches? Sounds like you could use a pair of blue-light filtering glasses. ( ᐛ )و

My favorites ♡

Need inspiration? I've gotcha!


♡ Anime ♡

Although I've been more of a comic book gal growing up (surprise!), anime obviously has always been a strong interest of mine - mainly the aesthetics, at first.

If there is one anime that deserves to be listed as my all-time most loved, it HAS to be Death Note. A friend introduced it to me years ago and it was actually the first anime that I ever finished.

From the beautiful 90's manga style to the carefully designed plot in every detail and wording, you may have to pause due to a headache, but never out of boredom. To my fellow detective drama fans and brainiacs, this is a must watch.

P.S..: Team Kira here. UwU


♡ Online store ♡

Right now, I have the cutest giveaway going on and one of the items is from Kawaii Crafts DIY. They have all types of cutesy plushies, stationary, crafts, dollhouses...

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About me! ♡

Cosplayer, geek, chocolate lover

Hiyaaa! 🌸

My name is Bee, I'm an 18 y/o Brazilian cosplayer currently living in Florida, US. I've been a fan of all things nerdy & geeky my whole life, with a strong passion for crafting and acting - the perfect formula for cosplaying, heh.

I've been working as a cosplayer since I was 15 (currently 18), and I've worked with several brands and stores, aside from mainly guesting at conventions/events! My XP also includes hosting and judging contests, volunteering and being staff at cons.

My favorite color is pastel pink, the top anime in my list is Death Note and I could have only chocolate and strawberry smoothies forever. ♡