Lisa here, and I am feelin like a salty midlife Godess

What the hell ladies?! Fifty is the NEW chapter, don’t you dare give in just yet!

At the age of 54 , a mom of a teenage daughter and wife, I found myself thinking “Hey”, there is more in this life for me and I have a ton of salty shit to offer!
I love to lift weights, workout and do my best to stay healthy.
Get your zest back, Don’t let age change you, change the way you age!
In midlife we do not have to feel run down and have the “this is it” feeling.
In mid-life we RISE!

My Top Picks

These amazing products help you to feel and look your best on the inside as well as the outside! Natural clean energy

Taka Glo!

Are you ready to Glo?! TAKA Glo combines the best of healthy energy ingredients with premium marine collagen to create the ultimate beauty drink. These natural superfoods, premium collagen, vitamins, and minerals help support healthy skin, hair, and nails. Not only that, but they help nourish your body in all the right ways. Truly creating beauty from the inside out!
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Taka Trim

TAKA™Trim is a combination of the best ingredients in TAKA™ and BeneTRIM. Filled with antioxidants and slimming herbs that positively improve mood and support weight management while fueling your healthy energy and mental clarity. Achieve your weight management goals with a happy and healthy energy drink!

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Stand out Tan

Stand Out Tanning Mousse is a lightweight sunless tanner that instantly delivers a natural, wearable glow enriched with Cocoa Butter to condition and hydrate for nourished, healthy skin. Our paraben free, cruelty free, vegan friendly and all-natural formula has a color for everyone from our Everyday SUNRISE Tan Extender to Medium or Dark SUNSET Tanning Mousse.

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Insta Lash

Stand Out LASH was created to make women around the world feel BRAVE, BEAUTIFUL and BRIGHT! Included in each collection are all the tools you need to customize your own salon-quality lashes in record time: 3 sets STAND OUT lashes in natural, winged and glam, a Insta-Lash bond for application and an applicator tool. Because why try to fit in when you were born to STAND OUT?

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White beautiful smiles!

For sensationally white teeth you can smile about. AP 24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste lightens teeth without peroxide as it helps keep plaque and cavities from forming and damaging your teeth. This gentle, vanilla mint formula freshens breath and creates a clean, just-brushed feeling.

Sample packs

Sample pack are available!
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Stand out insta-lash
3 options- 6 looks

Go Pure beauty

goPure Skin Care is a revolutionary skin care line developed with one goal in mind - exceptional skin care based on the most potent active ingredients and botanical extracts. goPure is focused on bringing the most high quality skin care products at the lowest possible price.

Our Mission: To improve the lives of women by developing effective and safe beauty products and delivering them for the lowest price possible.

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Devotion Protien…. My favorite !

Protein Powder doesn't have to be chalky, boring, or bland. If you are looking to add variety to your meal plan, our multi-purpose protein powder supplement can be enjoyed as a simple shake, pudding, or baked into your favorite delicious recipes!

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Savvi athliesure