Restart Your Strength Challenge

Here’s what you need to know πŸ‘‡

Restart Your Strength is a 3 week beginner-friendly group program to help you ease back into your movement routine, build your strength sustainably, create a daily movement routine, and care for your body and mind.

This Challenge is for you if…

➑️ You’ve taken a break from strength training recently and are feeling ready to build your strength mindfully, listening to your body, and with purpose.

➑️ You want to move with intention, purpose, and build strength sustainably. This program focuses on form, mobility, and injury prevention.

➑️ You need accountability β€” joining a community to help hype you up, the motivating discord posts to get you to your work outs and daily movement habits.

➑️ You’re here for non-diet, body inclusive fitness that prioritizes listening to your body, modifying movements to suit your needs and going at your own pace.

➑️ You’re excited by the idea of feeling your body adapt, your strength showing up in your daily life, and your everyday energy skyrocket.πŸ’₯

If you answered β€œHECK YES” to any of the above, the RESTART YOUR STRENGTH Challenge is for you!


Restart Your Strength Challenge is included in all Free To Move memberships!

Join the challenge by signing up for any Free To Move membership, starting at just $27 USD per month.

Hurry, Restart Your Strength kicks off Monday, September 25th β€” you’ll receive an email with all the details Sunday night!

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