Introducing Our Work in Progress Video Series

Grab your favorite drink and let's talk about being a constant work in progress!

This was what came to mind when I had to laugh at myself for trying to corral the 218 people in this group for a live video at one time/day...So instead, I grabbed the bottle of whisky (I said grab your favorite drink and I was serious) and check out our new series of videos, Work in Progress. Expect real talk, good laughs and no pulled punches on the many business topics we'll be chatting about.🥃🍸🍹❤️

Do You Suffer From Schedule Crash and Burn?

We diagnosed the two reaons why you might have problems keeping a day to day business schedule and figured out how to get back on track.

Get social media tactics that WORK!

We studied, researched and/or tried out five social media tactics to find out what actually WORKS. Join us in our experiment to learn what to do to see success in your social media efforts!

Get the dirt on social media tactics that flat out don’t work

We put together a blog post of the tactics that didn’t or won’t work and reported on the reasons why each could be disproven, faulty and/or damaging to your biz on social media so you can skip right over the trial and error and go straight to what does work.

Nominate a Creator!

Let’s lift each other up and cheer each other on! Nominate a Creator you have admired and tell us about this hard working, hustling, persevering, persistent, courageous, daring dreamer you know needs to be celebrated with a big round of applause

Let’s Talk About Your Fears of Being on Social Media

Find out what leading top three fears are preventing you from being on social media, how those fears are affecting your efforts to continue to be active and how to combat each one successfully.

You Are Wanted on Social Media

We have all the proof you need as to why your followers, fans and customers want and need you on social media...truly they do and we can back that statement up like a boss.

Your Secret Weapon to Combat Being Overwhelmed

What to do when you’re feeling completely overwhelmed, how to recognize the signs and get complete control of it all.

You Got This (You Really Do)

A post just for those moments where you’re teetering on the edge of giving up or stepping up...and a mantra to help. I like to think of it as part declaration, part war cry...and the story that got me to the point of needing one.

About In The Making

Supporting the busy lifestyle of becoming and being a creative entrepreneur

We’re so glad you’re here and we hope that you consider us a comfortable space to talk and learn about the trials of running a business, of staying authentic to yourself, of dealing with the challenges concerning the business of dreaming and doing, of personal and business growth and development, of all the things that are a little easier when you have a community that has your back because we are all, to some degree, in the making.

Fall in love with the process

of becoming the very best version of yourself.