Hi there, and welcome!

You’re right where you need to be ✌🏻

☆ My name is Brooke and I am:
⋒ an Enneagram 2w3, and an ENFJ
⋒ an empath that feeeeels all the things
⋒ currently residing in SWFL, but originally from Minnesota
⋒ a college alumna from Northern Michigan University with a BA in Zoology/Spanish and Chemistry minor
⋒ a lover of tacos 🌮, plants, and all things RAE DUNN
⋒ your biggest cheerleader, hype woman, and everything in between
⋒ turning big DREAMERS into DOERS
⋒ welcoming you just as you are, and loving you to become the best version of YOU

Firstly, I am so STINKIN’ happy that you’re here. It makes my heart so full! My name is Brooke and most days you’ll find me snuggling my two pups and two kitties, working as a Technical Expert for my day job, wishing I was outdoors in the woods and mountains, or volunteering.

I started my own wellness journey after a long time battling skin issues (ugh - perks of being a redhead with sensitive skin), PCOS symptoms, troubles sleeping, anxiety, and the feeling of walking around with looooooow energy. I finally figured out that I was in charge of my wellness, products I was putting on my skin, products I was cleaning with, and what I was bringing into my home. I started paying attention to what was on the back of product labels. I finally joined Team Young Living October of 2019. My one regret? That I didn’t start three years earlier when I was looking at getting my own starter kit.

This journey to low toxic living is for EVERYONE! I have slowly turned into “that” person who carries her oils everywhere, and has an oil for that! I love that this journey has brought me to more sustainable living, and has blessed me with the most beautiful community with loving and authentic people.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting your starter kit, I’m encouraging you to just say YES. This was the best “yes” I’ve ever made. You will be so welcomed in my community, loved, cherished, and supported. This Be Kind Tribe is for you.✨