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™ Beleaf Cannabis is a trusted source for amazing selected phenos for licensed growers. SELECTOR OF WHITE TRUFFLE BRED BY FRESH COAST: We are located in Tulsa. We pheno hunt thousands of phenos at a time from respected and amazing breeders in the Industry such as Inhouse Genetics, Solfire,  Canarado, Square1 Genetics, Compound, LIT Farms, Fresh Coast Seed Co, ThugPug, Calyx Bros and many many more. We have been doing this for over 7 years, as BeLeaf has been growing for over 30- and are aiming to hunt 30,000 a year. We will soon be in over 40+ countries- following all legal guidelines- as well as facilitating fire all around the united states in our 10+ grow facilities nationwide. We are aiming to open dispensaries soon. We treat every plant with the utmost RASPECT and LOVE in every process. BOOM FIYA 💥 🔥 ❤️‍🔥❤️💛💚

We are currently cultivating THE CREATURE line as well as Dip N’ Stix: & Pheno hunting more hidden gems💎

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BeLeaf Cannabis Seeds

We are working HARD daily to cultivate your amazing babies with LOVE and RASPECT

Greetings Family!

I hope this message finds you well and living in abundance. A lot of exciting tings a gwaan here at BeLeaf Cannabis in the next month and I wanted to make sure everyone is up to date!


*We just released the TOXIC TRUFFLES FEMS!!! This is a colab we did with Hammerhead Genetics and is another stunner we are proud to bring to the people. This is White Truffle x P40 and is a very fun plant to grow! Expect Dark purple buds that feature terps that range from sweet tire and funky earth to glue and burning chemical all softened slightly by the blackberry and black licorice in the background of some phenos. I hunted these and found zero plants with intersex traits so this is a solid fire cross ready and in stock now! The 11 pack fems are being offered at $100 plus $9 shipping in the US and have already started flying off the shelf!

*We are also about 20 days or so from THE CREATURE 2nd Wave drop of fems, menu attached and pics and videos will be uploaded soon to IG and other social media accounts. These crosses are looking insane and all are passing testing with flying colors!!!

*Chimera take 2 is in flower and is expected to drop in about 3 months as well as Truffaloha #1 S1s (White Truffle x Hawaiian Punch). This line will also include THE CREATURE BX1 as well as (White Truffle x Platinum Punch #13) x THE CREATURE.

*Dip'N Stix Line is at day 54 in flower and we will be harvesting and testing real soo for a release in about 6 months. 30 plus crosses in this line to play with soon!

*White Truffle reversal line is in testing now and my room of these will be going into flower in about 15 days! There are 26 crosses in this line so lots of fun to come!!!

We do still have a limited number of Triple Sec, Kool AId Man, Gawd and had a few packs of Data become available due to failure to pay on buyers part.

Love and Honor! Thank you all for your support!

  1. Our Gyals❤️💛💚

    Chimera - SOLD OUT💥🔥❤️
    Data - IN STOCK
    Nova Gas - IN STOCK
    ∞Ice Cream Cake x THE CREATURE = I Scream Cake - COMING SOON…
    ∞Love Seed 2.292 x THE CREATURE = Margwa - COMING SOON…
    ∞Mafia Funeral x THE CREATURE = Bonnie - COMING SOON…
    ∞Terple 17 x THE CREATURE = Candy Monster (Colab with In House Genetics) - COMING SOON…
    ∞Jelly Breath BX1 x THE CREATURE = Creature Breath (Colab with In House Genetics) - COMING SOON…
    ∞Terple 14 (Lavender Cut) x THE CREATURE = Barney (Colab with In House Genetics) - COMING SOON…

  2. Collabs With Hammerhead

    White Truffle x P40 (Snowman x Bio Diesel) - IN STOCK!

  3. Collabs With Lit Farms

    Kool Aid Man - SOLD OUT!

  4. Collabs With Rocky Mountain High 719

    Triple Sec - IN STOCK

  5. Collabs With In-house Genetics-

    Trufflecake- DON’T HAVE IN STOCK
    Lava Girl - SOLD OUT
    Gawd - IN STOCK

  6. Collabs With Roc Bud

    Blueberry Faygo - DON’T HAVE IN STOCK
    Platinum Gucci - DON’T HAVE IN STOCK

  7. Collabs With Fresh Coast Seed Co

    White Truffle S1- LIMITED STOCK

  8. Collabs With Third Coast Genetics

    Black Truffle - DON’T HAVE STOCK

Clone Menu

BeLeafs Favorites


White Truffle

“White Truffle is a winner in our hunt of Gorilla Butter F2. White truffle was #12 is our Pheno hunt. She is a variable assault on the senses, of overwhelming aromas of Gassy Garlic, earthy mushroom and lemon dance around with notes of kerosene and sexy funk. She is simply stunning aesthetically with deep purple and black strips of trichomes. She is a great hash making strain and will intoxicate most smokers novice connoisseur with her seductive allure.” - ™ BeLeaf Cannabis


Love Garlic Icing #14

“Frost Donkey x Super Secret Weapon bred by fresh coast. Alot of trichomes. Not super complex but literally a physical embodiment of the smell of gasssss and garlic no fruit.” - ™ BeLeaf Cannabis



Love seed 2.221. A pheno hunt originating from Oregon. This powerful plant was able to make it out of all the testers we had and be on the top favorites for BeLeaf. When smelling her she is limeade fully of gasoline scent with a lot of terps. Huge chunky buds with a lot of trichomes. Strong branches with great node spacing. “ - ™ BeLeaf Cannabis



“Love seed 2.260 originally, coming from Oregan as well, she reeks of nectarine, peaches, apricot, and tropical fruit blossoms with a touch of appropriately balanced gas at the end, covered with tricombs coated all over her fox tails, an amazing hash making plant.” ™ BeLeaf Cannabis

BeLeafs Pheno Selections —

We are working hard to feature amazing growers and pictures: available upon request as well: we are being diligent at the perfection of the craft and the raspect due to the amazing people who have grown these babies please send inquiries for your amazing pictures to be on this website to [email protected]

Listings for clone pricing is as follows:

Love Acai Gelato - $20

Love Ape Face #8 - $1,000

Love Bazinga - $2,500

Love Bananium #4 - $500

Love Blunicorn #16 - $500

Love Blunicorn #28 - $20

Love Cake Crasher - $3,500

Love Daily Grape #9 - $3,500

Love Divinity #35 - $10,000

Love Divine Banana 2.1 - $1,000

Love Divine Banana #3 - $2,500

Love Divine Banana #4 - $20

Love Dual OG #4 - $1,000

Love Exaltation #3 - $5,000

Love Exaltation #6 - $3,500

Love Frozen Gelato #2.5 - $1,000

Love Frosted Apricots #9 - $20

Love Gassion Fruit - $3,500

Love Gasonade - $3,500

Love Gorilla Butter F2 #2 - $20

Love GMO x Peanut Butter Cookies #8 - $20

Love Gucci Fruit - $5,000

Love Gorilla Nut #9 - $500

Love Ice Cream Cake - $20

Love Jelly Breath BX1 - $5,000

Love Kidney Punch #22 - $20

Love Kidney Punch #4 - $500

Love King Sherb #20 - $20

Love King Sherb #17 - $500

Love Koosh - $20

Love MAC Stomper #19 - $2,500

Love McLovin - $2,500

Love Nitrous 2.11

Love Orange Flambee F2 - $1,000

Love Odd Job #3 - $500

Love Platinum Kush Breath Remix #6 - $3,500

Love Platinum Kush Breath Remix #10 - $5,000

Love Platinum Kush Breath Remix #18 - $20

Love Platinum Punch #1 - $5,000

Love Platinum Punch #4

Love Platinum Punch #13 - $10,000

Love Peanut Butter Breath x Sour Rhino - $2,500

Love Sugar Skullz - $20

Love Sherb Cake - $2,500

Love Strawberry Jelly - $20

Love Seed 2.219 - $5,000

Love Seed 2.205 - $1,000

Love Seed 2.250 - $2,500

Love Seed 2.254 - $20

Love Seed 2.256 - $20

Love Seed 2.288 - $2,500

Love Seed 2.292 - $5,000

Love Seed 2.36 - $5,000

Love Seed 2.53 - $5,000

Love Terple 2.5

Love Terple #6 - $20

Love Terple 14 - $1,000

Love Terple #17 - $2,500

Love Under Cover Butter #7 - $5,000

Love Velvet Skies 2.3

Love Watermelon Mimosa #10 - $20

Love White Truffle - $3,500

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