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Birthday Hydrasession

Hey Laura!! I know it’s been awhile, & this is toooootally random, but I enter all my FB friends with birthdays into a drawing each month & guess who won my January drawing?! EEK! 🎁🎉

You won one of my favorites! It’s my free Hydrasession birthday packet with 9 sample products in it! & it comes with virtual instructions. Lol.

You also get $50 in free products if 3 gals join in & we do a zoom or or FB live all together!! It’s so fun & perfect now while we’re all home!

The Hydrasession is yummy! It’s all peels & masks & eye patches. Everyone loves it the most! You in? I just need your address to ship it to ya!

Facebook Birthday

Hey Gorgeous !!! 😁 How r u?! A little birdy (haha FB🤣) told me it was your birthday month!!! YAYY!!! So! I entered all my fb friends with February b-days into a drawing & guess what?!!! 🎉🛍
(They respond)
So!!! U are a WINNER! 🎉 Woohoo!! U won a $50 birthday shopping spree with a virtual beauty session with 6 friends!! 😃 Congrats! What’s your experience lately with Mary Kay?!🛍
(They respond)
These have been Super fun! 💕 You choose a date and good time for up to 30 minute FB live party, invite ladies into the group, I’ll post fun and I’ll do the work and a Live with giveaways 😄A week or so out works best so I can send you a Pampering Birthday Beauty Pack to u & your b-day party 😊🎉 - we hop on at your scheduled time and play! 👏👏👏 Plus! You get $50 in free products as an additional birthday gift! 🎁 Everything is free, no obligation. ☺️

Perfect! I’ll start a private Group and send you an invite as an admin. As you invite and add friends, I’ll send them a FB friend request and a message so we can grab addresses & start getting the fun samples in the mail! 😁

Virtual Party coaching scripts

COACHING SCRIPTS that make you look the BEST
3 days before the party:

Once the group is setup, I check in with my hostess! I usually add my hostess to the group and then immediately message her.
You can use the share button directly from the group to FB Message her a link to the group.

Here’s what I say:
Here’s the group for your virtual party! I’m so excited! The first post will be on ___, so start inviting today & tomorrow! You’ll want to invite 30 or so, because usually only half will join us! Here’s an idea of what you can send them to invite them

Message 2:
send immediately after 1st message

Hey there! I hope you are doing well amongst all of this craziness!! I am hoping to bring some joy and positivity into a crazy time right now and am hosting a Mary Kay party! It should be really fun and there will be free product giveaways too! Can I add you to the group?

Usually she will reply to let you know she’s invited people.

2 days before the party:
This is when I send my hostess her perks! This gives me an excuse to check in in case she hasn’t added anyone to the group.
What I say: Just wanted to send over your perks!! ______ this video explains how you can get the most stuff for free or at a discount!! let me know if you have any questions!

I’ll do the first post tomorrow evening and we will really get the party started on ___!!
(include hostess perks pic)

1 day before the party:
Send “tips for a successful party” graphic
What I say: hey __! have you made your wish list yet?! So excited to help you earn some products for free! What are you most excited about getting?

also just wanted to send over these fun tips for getting the most out of your party so you can get the most free stuff! Excited to kick things off tomorrow

Once she has added people to the group:
I individually message EVERY PERSON ADDED to the group and send them a private FB message.

What I say:
Hi [First Name]! Thanks for joining ___’s FB Party! 🤗 The first post will be posted tomorrow, but we will really get the party started on Friday. Be sure you have your notifications on so that you don’t miss any of the giveaways! Thanks so much for joining us!
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all! 💕
(include link to party group)

- FB sends msgs from people that are NOT your FB friends to a different section of your FB inbox. It is very likely that these guests will not see your message - so at the start of my FB party I let them know that they have a msg from me AND I encourage them to send ME a fb message! When they send me a message, they will start receiving messages that I send to them.

External link

SHARING SCRIPTS for building your Team and Sharing MK
Hey girl I’ve been challenged to get 15 ladies that love our products to watch this really quick video (less than 10 mins) and let me friend Kimberly follow up with you! The $30 option has been extended until June 30th and I wanted you to be the first to know!!!
Check it out:

Can I count on you to watch it and get back to me please?

Invite to. FB. LIVE event

Hey girl! Because you are one of my favorite MK customers (or because you are so sugar sharp) I wanted to personally invite you to participate in a fun virtual event! (all you need is your phone, a tablet or laptop!) You will have exclusive access to my friend and mentor. Would you be available. ........................... to be one of my personal guests? There is a Mary Kay product giveaway at the end and I want you to win!! Plus it helps me with my training and goals! It's super easy since it's on Facebook! Can I add you to the group to listen to her story?

Awesome! Thank you so much! The event will start at. .......................................!

During the event, you'll be given a "password" so that you can enter the contest! After it's done, click this link to fill out a quick survey to get entered:

Selling Scripts

Don’t you love the way your face feels?
This is after just ONE application.
Can you imagine how it will feel after a week, after a month?” You’re assuming she is going home with it.

Use “WHEN”, don’t say “if.” “You get this at 50% WHEN you do this...” “WHEN we get back together for your second appointment we will customize your color look.”

Give choices, but make sure both of them are good. “Would you like just one cleanser or would you like two, one for the shower and one for the sink?” “Would you like to take care of this with VISA, Mastercard or Discover, or would you like to take care of it with a check?”
“Don’t you agree” is a great phrase to use. “We all love a bargain, don’t you agree?”

Say her name as many times as you can throughout the interview and throughout the class.

It does make a difference.

Get them involved in the process.
At the class while they’re trying the products have them advise their friends as to how their skin looks, the colors.

Paint them into the picture with words like “can you see.” “Can you see the look on your husband’s face when you pick up your first car?” “Can you see how the extra dollars from one class can help pay the bills at your house?” “Can you see how doing a Mary Kay business can give you more time for your family?” Paint them into the picture.

READ their buying signals. Watch their reaction to the product. What gets her excited? Where does she ask the most questions? Where does she seem the most interested? Be a good listener. What is in it for them?

Don’t stop selling until she stops buying.
“Would you like an eye pencil to go with those
eye shadows?” “Would you like a lip liner to go with that lipstick?” “Would you like the
compact to go with those?”


You don’t have to wait for the PCP to come out. If your customer has already taken advantage of that or you have a new customer who hasn’t had a chance to get in on the first mailing, you can have your own Preferred Customer Program. With every $40 purchase they get something free! That can be something on your shelf that you want to move, a section 2 mini, or anything else you want. When they call for a cleanser – “You know what, I’ve got a special this week. With two skin care items, you get the third at half price – What else are you needing?”

All you need for Hydrasession Happiness Pampering

Red Jacket

3 Active Team Members

The Her‑Story of the Red Jacket
Do you know the story of how the Red Jacket Program began? It all started in 1971 when Independent National Sales Director Emeritus Ann Sullivan, who lived in St. Louis, recruited a woman whose husband played for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. Mary Kay Ash asked Ann if they could go to a ballgame. Of course, Ann said yes! And since Mary Kay Ash was coming, Ann turned it into an event! She created Mary Kay Night at the Ballpark.
Independent Beauty Consultants in the Midwest helped sell tickets to the game, and they filled the stadium. Ann had also challenged her Beauty Consultants – if they attained “Star Recruiter” status by the game, they would be able to wear a special red jacket, which was the Cardinals color. They would also have the honor of being on the field with the players and lining up from home plate to first base while Mary Kay Ash threw out the first pitch.
When Mary Kay Ash saw all those red jackets, she was delighted! You see, Mary Kay’s favorite color to wear was red. And she loved how all those women in red looked so much that it inspired her to create “The Red Jacket Program.”