Helping women see their worth, potential and beauty from within is what I do. Unleashing your 2.0 version of financial independence + confidence is who I am.

Hey there beauty, I’m Belinda

I often work with soulful, driven, earth-conscious women who feel stuck or lost but are determined to regain their confidence back.

Bad ass women who are committed to seeing their potential and who know
financial independence is their birthright and are willing to push their edges to get there!

I know firsthand that we as women sometimes lack the confidence required to push through the glass ceiling of self imposed limiting beliefs and societal conditions.

We can give into doubts, self sabotage or bad self talk, settling for a life that leaves us wondering if this is really it.

So how about we change that?

It is my mission to provide space for women to unapologetically bask in their self expression, and embody their freedom. By providing you with the tools to build a life of choice that where everything is not dictated solely on finances.

Together let’s remember who we are! Strong, sexy AF women that have the right to be financially independent.

Let’s bring your passions to life!

It is time to unmask, dig deep and let the woman you were born to be step up and create a life free of financial struggle and full of choice!

I’m apart of an incredible high vibing community that has been a game changer for helping me drive my own impact into this world


TRE is a home for entrepreneurs, earthlings, conscious leaders and the beautiful everyday person that has a vision on their heart bigger than themselves.

It’s deepest core values are:

🌿Healing the planet through soul aligned action
💫Creating personal abundance to serve on a bigger scale
📱Allowing our voices to be the tools in changing the status quo
🌊Positivity impacting our generation and those to come, including our children.

. . . all through the impact of the vehicle that is the ONLINE WAY.

Your journey of self discovery and empowerment