Make your money work for you!

Most of us have at least some savings sitting in our bank account... Whether you're saving up for something, or just have it there for a rainy day.

I've been making around $1 USD a month from my savings through interest from my bank... not much at all right?

Surely there's got to be a better way...

What if you could be making more from your savings by investing it? Well good news, is you can! And that's exactly what I've been doing.

So far, I've made almost $130 USD in less than 3 months with a fraction of the money I had sitting in my savings account (just $300 USD - and made over a 3rd of that back already!).

Sounding pretty good compared to that measly few dollars now hey!

And did I mention that's without doing anything? Completely on AUTOPILOT.

Every Sunday I get paid regardless. My money just sits there like it would in my bank account but is making me more and more money! Amazing isn't it?!

And this only scratches the surface of how much money I could be making (I have friends making thousands per week from this platform right now!).

Want to know more info? Send me a DM!

Keen to start making your money work for you on autopilot? Follow the steps below...

Belinda x

How to start (Australia)

Step by step guide (11 minute video tutorial)

Step 1. Go to the link below. Create and verify your Coinspot account, you'll need to provide ID for verification.

Step 2. Click Poli pay on the Coinspot dashboard to deposit funds (it's faster than through bsb and account number - bpay takes 3 days).

Step 3. Go to wallets and click buy BTC, buy the necessary amount for what pack you want. Convert the USD to AUD worth - I always recommend adding an extra $50 (the extra $50 is for any fees or change in exchange rate that may happen whilst you’re getting set up, it should be more than enough though).

Step 4. Click on CFX referral link in the section below here on my Milkshake and register your CFX account.

**please do not close the window even after you get the purple tick just keep the tab open until you get the confirmation email. It’s fine to close your device or go into other apps.

Step By Step Tutorial Video

Step 1 : Join Coinspot (your wallet)

Here's the link you will need to join Coinspot (as referenced above)

Join Coinspot

Step 4 : Join CFX (and pick your pack!)

Setup your CFX account including picking your pack to begin earning your money on autopilot!

*Please ensure the above steps are completed first before you choose your pack.

Join CFX