Labor & Delivery

Are you expecting? Here are some helpful tips for the big day:

Labor & Delivery Essentials

Hospital bag
[ ] Chapstick/ Lip conditioner
[ ] Slippers
[ ] Baby outfits/hat for after
[ ] Hygiene essentials/Toiletries
[ ] Hairbands
[ ] Aroma therapy/oils/diffuser
[ ] Phone charger
[ ] Pillows
[ ] Snacks
[ ] Car seat
[ ] Breastfeeding pillow
[ ] Extension cord for your charger
[ ] Robe/comfy clothing for postpartum

Hospital provides Everything you’ll need for baby besides clothes. They also provide everything that will keep you comfortable postpartum( mesh underwear/nipple cream, pads, etc.)

Most hospitals do not supply pacifiers as pacifiers are discouraged during baby’s 1st 30 days of life while proper latching and lactation is established.

Nurse basket (optional):
-Hand lotion
-Hand sanitizer
-Badge reels
-Any kind of light snack
-Handwritten thank you card

For labor pains:
If you plan on having an all natural can do it! You just have to be determined and breathe through the contractions. Narcotics can be given usually every 4-6 hours when you aren’t very dilated. Once you dilate to a certain point you can’t get it because it will make baby too drowsy.

Optional natural ways to distract you from the contraction pains are:
-Birthing ball
-Position changes
-Cool towels

If you get an epidural:
*It takes about 3 minutes to put it.
* You will feel an initial sting from the numbing medicine
* You won’t feel anymore contractions
* Your legs will be numb so you will have a urinary catheter put in to drain your urine
* Epidural and catheter are removed after delivery
* You will regain feeling in your legs in 2-3 hours after the epidural is shut off

Thanks for reading & I hope this helps!

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E.Ardoin, RN