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About Me

Wassup guys! I am excited you stopped by, I bet you are curious so was I.

I go by the name of Meli, I am 33 years old, Dominican from New York currently living in South Florida and expecting my 2nd child.

I've always had a passion for fashion, Interior Design, Beauty and helping others. But I never pursued what made my heart happy. Back then, I used to be obsessed with the thought of having a career just so I can have a "title" behind my name.

I've literally done EVERYTHING I had an interest in and let me tell you I was not licensed or went to school for it.

I've always had a mindset that you can do whatever you want without a degree, all you have to do is believe it, say it and you will be it!

This is what 19 years of not knowing what you want to be in life looks like;

-Baby Sitter
-Retail Associate
- Dishwasher
- Medical Assistant for a Podiatrist ( Not licensed)
- Went to College for Criminal Justice
- DME Compliance
- Opthamologist Assistant for a Retina Specialist
-Phlebotomist certified
- Life Insurance License Obtained
-Real Estate Associate
- Leasing

Through this journey I realized it does not matter what your "Title" is, All that truly mattered was my happiness and doing what I loved to do!

I aspire to be my own boss, it's in my DNA!

Like anything new there is ALWAYS fear of the unknown but I am glad I FINALLY took the leap of faith and joined this amazing Company!

If you have a strong passion for something the time is NOW tomorrow is NEVER promised!


Take the risk or lose the chance...

Where God guides he provides