Belong by MzK

Let me introduce you to our exquisite lounge/resort wear line

My name is Maria Zainab Kamand Bailey. I am a mom and a strong woman who believes and operates under strong faith and intentions. I come from a very humbling and diverse background. My misfortunes have led me to a lot of fortunate places in my life, it has thought me by my life experiences that everything happens for a reason. My passion and life fulfillment started from my childhood as I would sit around and help my foster mom hand make my school uniforms and church dresses.

I have deep feelings and a strong passion for all things exquisite and classic. Hence, I came up with the concept of a luxury lounge/resort line. After the hit of the pandemic, we have all come to realize the importance of lounging around but with this idea, doing it in style, luxury, and class is the goal. Hence, you can feel all the feelings in our luxury wear and not be judged or looked at differently. I followed very heavily on the statement which says “less is more”. Give your audience less of who and what you have, and watch them come for more. With our outfits, it is the silk within your skin, the flow within your moves, and the feel within your mood that sets you apart and sass you up.
I love and admired women who understand this and are comfortable within their skin and size because that is where and whom you Belong to, yourself.

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