Hello and Welcome!

I am here to help YOU

At the start of the pandemic, I had a sense that 2 weeks was going to be the start of something larger than I ever imagined.

As my girlfriend (now fiancée) and I played games, did puzzles, and watched movies, I felt a need to learn something new.

During my breaks from teaching virtual voice lessons, I started taking a course on copywriting, but as the weeks went on the heaviness of the pandemic pressed a little harder, and I began entering survival mode.

Fast Forward to a phone call I received while driving home from Minnesota (I stay at my parents house in the country to avoid Detroit’s high COVID Numbers)…

It was my boss informing me that I was expected back at work starting the next week.

I had a rush come over me like I had never felt in my entire life. It was pure panic…

Panic that I never would find the work/life balance I truly wanted. Panic that I would always be too busy to truly pursue singing with the financial risk.

I was working around the clock, 8 hours at work, and relentless hours finding a way to work from home and set my life up to be a successful artist and entrepreneur…

And one day, scrolling through TikTok, I saw it…


I learned about the world of being a Virtual Assistant and the opportunity to build the life for my future!

My future as a singer
My future as a future father
My future of HAPPINESS

I have committed to utilizing my collaborative skills and my passion for learning and executing to help YOU build YOUR business while taking the weight off your shoulders!

My drive and hunger to grow and learn stems from performing over a dozen roles through out my education and professional experience as a musician.

Drawing from my experience as a Teacher, Job Trainer, and Performer, I have developed a keen sense as to how I can best help people gain knowledge, apply information to practice, and self awareness to grow independently.

The value and magnitude of collaboration to make something larger than life and seeing the beautiful results of a collected effort is something I find most inspiring and joyful in life. I want to bring this effort to GROW your business and provide more BALANCE in your life!

Seeking someone to do General Admin work? Do you need help engaging with your clients on social media? Are you repurposing your content? Don’t worry, I’VE GOT YOU! Whether you are in need of a right hand man, or someone to lighten the load a bit, I’M YOUR GUY! I’m here to take on the daily tasks that stand in your way of focusing on greater tasks and increasing your time for your personal life. Together, we can RECLAIM YOUR TIME!

If this sounds like the next step you’ve needed for you and your business, Apply and schedule your FREE Discovery Call! Click the link below!


Not sure how much help you need? No worries! Here are some packages to see what best suits your business.

*Billed on a monthly basis*

Just Desserts Package


You are looking for a little help day to day and outsourcing time consuming tasks.

Chef’s Special Package


You need someone you trust handling the day to day work, providing you a better work-life balance.

3 Course Feast Package


You need someone at the hip to vault your business to the next level. Climbing together in lock-step