Bentleigh with the Good Hair

make each hair flip fabulous

Welcome to my page! I’m Bentleigh, the one behind the chair who is passionate about making you feel beautiful and to help you achieve your hair goals. I love being able to incorporate art into my everyday life and building strong relationships with my clients. Follow my journey with me and stay up to date right here and through my Instagram ( for future updates. I am so appreciative of all the support.

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How to

To schedule an appointment with me please contact me via Instagram DM or text (731-335-1808) and please state your name, phone number, a photo of your hair and an inspiration pic.
Please be patient with me as I try my best to get back to you. I have a busy work schedule that makes it hard for me to get back to everyone right away. I promise I will respond ASAP because I LOVE talking to you all and getting you behind my chair.
What to expect for your appointment with me—
• a detailed consultation about your hair history, your goals and what is achievable. I also do not do without those fun before and after pics!
• I will contact you the afternoon/evening before your appointment to confirm you will still be able to show up. Please do not no show, I do have a policy that if you no show without 24 hour notice I will not rebook you in the future without a $50 non refundable payment. My time is important and this is how I make a living to support myself and my family.
•I accept Cash, CashApp, PayPal or Card at the moment!
•please show up to your appointment with dry, clean hair!
• Text/dM me when you arrive 🤎

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Get To Know Me

I can be your stylist, your therapist, and your bff! All in one!

•I’m currently obsessed with the iced caramel macchiato from McDonalds (run don’t walk)
•I have 3 dogs whom I loved so dearly 🫶🏻
•I have SEVEN beautiful siblings who I love so much. 3 sisters and 4 brothers!!
•I’m an online shopping addict and it has become a problem 😂
•My current favorite shows are Yellowstone & Dead To Me, but i procrastinate watching them😭
•I love spending time with friends and family, being at home with Levi and my pups, and online shopping ofc 😚

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