Everything Berlee

Hello Friends—I’m Berlee. A self trained naturalist, Life/Health Coach, into all things wellness and fitrition. I live freely, wild and minimally, in Alaska; where sustainability + subsistence living comes without question. I’m always searching for ways improve my mental clarity, physical health and spiritual connection (within myself along w/everything else on this earth). The body will not go where the mind doesn’t push it. You’ve got to do the work, to get the results. I’ve been able to guide myself through my journey and have successfully experienced an abundance of soulful growth—

Three years ago, I developed the method of being “Berlee” simply to create the strongest version of myself. I’m always on a mission to strengthen my Roots (by getting back to them) and slowing down, long enough to experience the vas depths of what this life has to offer, while finding meaningful ways to know what that really means and why we’re all here. I encourage everyone to protect their purpose and peace, by cultivating a simpler, all natural, low-tox and Berlee lifestyle, because you are your environment along with everything else you allow in your life!

Let me help you—help yourself, to create the strongest version of yourself, by simply you strengthening your roots. Feel free to contact me for my ‘Soulful Growth Guidance’ to find your own self love connection and cleanse.

Warmly, Berlee.