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thank you for being here

hi y'all - my name is Guisel. I have the sweetest four year old - Aurora, married to my best friend - Devin, and we have two sweet pups - Mingo & Oslo. I am currently a geography graduate student, I love the environment and this beautiful earth we live in. I love all things nature, running, hiking, camping, tacos, binge watching Netflix & Hulu - and always up for the next adventure. If there were one word to describe me it would be: spontaneous. I'm an enneagram 4 - super emotional and in touch with me feelings. I am super open and passionate on promoting mental health awareness - I am diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), depression, and anxiety - I love modern medicine and the help it has provided me but also these small bottle of plant magic that are here to comfort me when I need it most.

Studying geography has opened my eyes to SO many things - what stuck to me the most was a geography of food class where we discussed the terms of what natural means, and a few other "hot words" that make us feel better when we buy food - I then realized this also applied to makeup, cleaning products, body care, hair care, supplements, infant and children care, pet care and much more.

I was mind blown and realized that word "natural" is not regulated as you may think. That's when I realized a lot of the products I thought were safe, green, and toxin free - were not what they claimed to be. Greenwashing is a way things can be marketed but may not accurately represent that product. Anyway that is my blurb on how I began my own research on all the products I use, and how I wanted safe products in my home - for my family, and just change our lifestyle overall - to be healthy and actually trust natural products made with essential oils.

For this reason I chose Young Living - they offer more than just diffusing but products you can trust that are vegan, cruelty free, and made my plants. Their products are so pure, they have their own farms, and every essential oil bottle is pure to its name - they follow this seed to seal promise which gives me piece of mind on any product I invest in. Young Living's products range from make up, skin care, hair care, cleaning products, babies + kids line, body care, supplements, pet care, and the list goes on.

If you have any questions at all about how I use these products, and how I have personally benefited from them do not hesitate to ask! For anyone who decides they want to become a member & you choose to do this with me - I will be your go to girl to guide you on your wellness journey with the starter kit of your choosing and connect you to so many resource groups on facebook so you are never alone.

Thank you so much for being here - and if you've read this to the end I just want to let you from the bottom of my heart on how I appreciate you taking the time to be here.


How to start your journey

to non-toxic, vegan, clean, natural products

DIYs & My Top Picks

here are some goodies to get your starter in your own DIYs

I love love making my own products from what young living has to offer. All of their products are concentrated - this means you are not paying for water to be shipped to you.

That being said - you can dilute dish soap, laundry soap, bath gels, shampoo + conditioner for yourself and for your kiddos, you can make your own room or linen spray, your owl essential oils roller blend & MUCH MORE.

Here are some of my favorite items from amazon where i’d recommend you start ♥️

amazon favorites

you can be as creative as you want - the possibilities are endless

DIY Toilet Spray

make your own mock pop-pourri toilet spray, helps trap odors

DIY Chest Rub

ditch vick’s and make your own toxin and chemical free chest rub - safe for you and your kiddos

DIY Dark Spot Roller

these are some premium oils from young living i used to make this roller to use under my eyes - you can make your own with oils from the premium starter kit by using frankincense and lavender!

DIY natural deodorant

i made a mock “‘meadow mist” deodorant from young living - i added tea tree which acts as a natural antiperspirant as well!

DIY Foaming Handsoap

this DIY is so easy you can use the unscented castile soap (for this specific DIY i used peppermint) - northern lights black spruce is great for dry skin!

DIY Mermaid Hair

i use this on my daughter to comb her hair & this helps with frizz and adds shine

Repurpose and Reuse

save your used oil bottles to make your own blends to easily add to your diffuser!

Linen & Pillow Spray

i love to spray this on my bed prior to falling asleep and it helps me feel relaxed and ready for bed

DIY Energy Roller

need that extra boost in the morning or throughout the day? here is the perfect blend to make and roll on to give you the boost you need.