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Health is wholeness.

We are a store promoting healthy lifestyle by providing you with healthy options which you can happily include in your diet. The recipes that you could make with our frozen goods are endless. Smoothies, shakes, oatmeals, puddings, and other pastries are only a few of them and the exciting part is that you could experiment on your own on how to enjoy them more.

Frozen Fruits

Nature’s Candy

Frozen fruits share the same nutritional value with the fresh ones and the best thing is you get to keep them all year round! They are also picked at the peak of perfection and frozen within hours of harvest to maintain the highest possible quality.

Frozen Strawberries

Packed with vitamins, fiber, and particularly high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols, strawberries are a sodium-free, fat-free, and cholesterol-free. They are among the top 20 fruits in antioxidant capacity and are a good source of manganese and potassium.

Frozen Blueberries

Blueberries are incredibly healthy and nutritious. They boost your heart health, brain function and numerous other aspects of your body.

They are rich in nutrients and health-promoting antioxidants. Thet are deliciously sweet and offer a ton of nutritional power. Specifically, blueberries are rich in fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, and manganese.

Some of their top health benefits are helping to reverse signs of aging, reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease, supporting urinary health, preventing memory loss, supporting skin health, and fighting stress and anxiety.

Frozen Blackberries

Blackberries contain a high level of vitamin C and antioxidants. They are also an excellent source of fiber and vitamin K, a necessary nutrient for blood clotting, which is essential for proper wound healing. They also contain vitamin A, which supports the immune system and helps combats infections and illness. It also supports the growth and maintenance of teeth and bones, as well as keeping skin healthy.

People can easily include blackberries as a part of any healthy diet. They can include them as part of a fruit salad with plain or Greek yogurt. Alternatively, they can add blackberries to cereals, including porridge.

Another simple way to include blackberries into a diet is in fruit smoothies.

Blackberries work well in smoothies with other berries, such as blueberries or raspberries, or with apples. Adding protein powder and oats can increase the nutritional content and help a person feel fuller for longer.

Choosing whole blackberries with no added sugar is recommended, whether frozen or fresh. Some canned blackberries may contain added sugar or preservatives that can lead to negative health effects.

Frozen Raspberries

Raspberries are low in calories but high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They may protect against diabetes, cancer, obesity, arthritis and other conditions and may even provide anti-aging effects. Raspberries are easy to add to your diet and make a tasty addition to breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.

Frozen Mixed Berries

Mixed Berries is a combination of Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries and Blueberries. 4 goodness in 1!

These berries tend to have a good nutritional profile. They’re typically high in fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidant polyphenols.

They are sweet or sour in taste and often used in preserves, jams, and desserts.

As a result, incorporating berries into your diet may help prevent and reduce symptoms of many chronic diseases.

Frozen Cranberries

Cranberries are a popular superfood. People can consume them in the form of a sauce or a juice. They can also add them to stuffing, casseroles, or dessert.

Many people consider cranberries to be a superfood due to their high nutrient and antioxidant content. In fact, research has linked the nutrients in cranberries to a lower risk of urinary tract infection (UTI), the prevention of certain types of cancer, improved immune function, and decreased blood pressure.

Frozen Peach Halves

Peaches are rich in many vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds.

They’re easily incorporated into a variety of dishes and may offer impressive health benefits, including healthier skin, fewer allergy symptoms, and improved digestion and heart health.

Frozen Peach Slices

Peaches appear to be linked to a lower risk of certain cancers and may boost immunity, protect against toxins, and lower blood sugar levels.

All in all, it’s a fruit well worth adding to your diet.

Frozen Melon Balls

The Hami Melon is sweet, fragrant and juicy. It has the trademark muskmelon aroma: floral and sweet.

Hami Melon contains Vitamin A, B, C and minerals like Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium. It has no Cholesterol and a good source of Vitamin C, which is an Antioxidant.

Hami Melon also helps prevent heart diseases and cancer. It provides fair amount of Folic acid, which is especially important for pregnant women. It has high nutritional values and is good for skin.

Frozen Avocado Halves

Avocados are an excellent food, loaded with nutrients, many of which are lacking in the modern diet.

They are very high in potassium, which should support healthy blood pressure levels.

They tend to be rich in fiber — about 7% by weight, which is very high compared to most other foods. Fiber may have important benefits for weight loss and metabolic health.

They may aid weight loss by keeping you full longer and making you eat fewer calories. They’re also high in fiber and low in carbs, which may promote weight loss.

They have a creamy, rich, fatty texture and blend well with other ingredients. Therefore, it’s easy to add this fruit to your diet.

Frozen Veggies

Eat your greens

Vegetables are usually snap frozen very soon after they are picked. The nutrients are 'frozen in' during this process, meaning you can quite easily have more vitamins in a frozen vegetable than in its 'fresh' counterpart.

Points to ponder:

🥦 Nutrients are 'frozen in' soon after picking.
🥦 Convenience (can store for months)
🥦 Allows us to have veggies and fruit that are out of season
🥦 Adds variety to our diet.
🥦 After defrosting, veggies can have a soggy texture, because ice crystals damage the vegetable cell walls.

Frozen Spinach Balls

Spinach is a nutritious, leafy green.
This vegetable has been shown to benefit health in several ways. Spinach may decrease oxidative stress, improve eye health, and help prevent heart disease and cancer.
If you’re interested in its health-boosting potential, spinach is an easy food to add to your diet.

Frozen Edamame

Edamame beans are whole, immature soybeans, sometimes referred to as vegetable-type soybeans.
They are green and differ in color from regular soybeans, which are typically light brown, tan or beige.
Edamame beans are often sold while still encased in their pods, which are not meant to be eaten.

They contains around 12% protein, which is a decent amount for a plant food. It is also a quality protein source, providing all the essential amino acids.

They are rich in protein, antioxidants and fiber that may lower circulating cholesterol levels.

They are low in carbs. It is suitable for people with type 2 diabetes, as well as those who follow a low-carb diet.

They are rich in several vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin K and folate.

They are often eaten on its own, like a snack. However, it can be prepared in numerous ways, flavored with garlic or made into a dip.

How to Cook and Eat:

Edamame can be used in much the same way as other types of beans.
However, it tends to be used more like a vegetable — added to salads or eaten on its own like a snack.
They are often served in its inedible pods. Pop the beans out of the pod before you eat them.
Cooking it is simple. Unlike most other beans, edamame doesn’t require a long time to cook. Boiling it for 3–5 minutes is usually sufficient, but it can also be steamed, microwaved or pan-fried.

Frozen Kale

Of all the super healthy greens, kale is king.

It is definitely one of the healthiest and most nutritious plant foods in existence.
It is loaded with all sorts of beneficial compounds, some of which have powerful medicinal properties.

Kale is very high in nutrients and very low in calories, making it one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

It is extremely high in vitamin C, an antioxidant that has many important roles in the body. A single cup of raw kale actually contains more vitamin C than an orange.

It contains substances that bind bile acids and lower cholesterol levels in the body. Steamed kale is particularly effective.

Vitamin K is an important nutrient that is involved in blood clotting. A single cup of kale contains 7 times the RDA for vitamin K.

As a nutrient-dense, low-calorie food, it also makes an excellent addition to a weight loss diet.

Fortunately, adding kale to your diet is relatively simple. You can simply add it to your salads or use it in recipes.

A popular snack is kale chips, where you drizzle some extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil on your kale, add some salt and then bake in it an oven until dry. It tastes absolutely delicious and makes a great crunchy, super healthy snack.

A lot of people also add kale to their smoothies in order to boost the nutritional value.

At the end of the day, kale is definitely one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods on the planet.

If you want to dramatically boost the amount of nutrients you take in, consider loading up on kale.

Price List —

Conveniently packed in 1kg, 500g and 250g frosted pouches.

Full list of our frozen goodies

Frozen Strawberries

Available in 1kg, 500g and 250g pouches. They last up to a year as long as properly sealed and frozen.

Frozen Blueberries

Available in 1kg, 500g and 250g pouches. They last up to a year as long as properly sealed and frozen.

Frozen Blackberries

Available in 1kg, 500g and 250g pouches. They last up to a year as long as properly sealed and frozen.

Frozen Raspberries

Available in 1kg, 500g and 250g pouches. They last up to a year as long as properly sealed and frozen.

Frozen Mixed Berries

Available in 1kg, 500g and 250g pouches. They last up to a year as long as properly sealed and frozen.

Frozen Cranberries

Available in 1kg, 500g and 250g pouches. They last up to a year as long as properly sealed and frozen.

Frozen Hami Melon Balls

Available in 1kg, 500g and 250g pouches. Shelf life is 6 months as long as properly sealed and frozen.

Frozen Peach Slices

Available in 1kg, 500g and 250g pouches. Shelf life is 6 months as long as properly sealed and frozen.

Frozen Peach Halves

Available in 1kg and 500g pouches. Shelf life is 6 months as long as properly sealed and frozen.

Frozen Avocado Halves

Available in 900 and 450g pouches. Shelf life is 6 months as long as properly sealed and frozen.

Frozen Spinach Balls/Leaves

Available in 1kg and 500g pouches. Shelf life is 8-12 months as long as properly sealed and frozen.

Frozen Edamame

Available in 1kg, 500g and 250g pouches. Shelf life is 2 years as long as properly sealed and frozen.

Frozen Kale

Available in 500g pouch. Shelf life is 8-12 months as long as properly sealed and frozen.

Frozen Veggie Rice

Available in 900g and 450g pouches. Shelf life is 8-12 months as long as properly sealed and frozen.

Frozen Cauli Rice Mix

Available in 1kg and 500g pouches. Shelf life is 8-12 months as long as properly sealed and frozen.

Take in the good

Last year’s Realizations

All these months that we’ve stayed in the comfort of our homes, a lot of people were able to experiment a bunch of recipes that eventually turned into businesses and which many of us still continue to love and support. Now, if we would all look at the brighter side of this pandemic, we’ll see that this season has put us all together through our love for good food.

Every day, we always find new products to try and will not rest until we get to taste that delicate, good-looking pastries or that delicious, savory casserole. We are always in the search for dishes that will make our hearts and tummy happy.

The only concern is we tend to overlook the fact that we still have to eat everything in moderation. We have to think of ways to make sure we are on the right track to keeping ourselves healthy despite giving in to our cravings.

Berry Munch has always wanted to give you something healthy that you can include in your daily routines and still be able to eat whatever you desire. A little of these everyday can change your life forever. With all the benefits that you’ll be getting, you’ll thank yourself that you made these choices and used them as an alternative as early as now.

It isn’t bad to go after your cravings especially in this time wherein the only thing that comforts us is food, aside from our friends and loved ones, (and our favorite Kdramas) of course. But again, we have to bear in our mind that being fit, emotionally, mentally and physically, is one of the most effective way to overcome this “new normal”. So make a good use of these products to lighten up someone’s day and share these wonderful and sustainable finds with your friends and families and enjoy the goodness of nature together!

New Year’s Resolution

New Year has come and resolutions have been told but one thing that excites us the most is that we get to start anew. We got fresh mindsets, renewed hopes, and new beginnings.

And as we try to live better in this world full of uncertainties, we also need to change our ways of living. We need to be more careful on what we try to put in our mind and body. Yes, we need to be selfless at times, but self-care is also a must.

Berry Munch has always shared these ideas of quality lifestyle. It was created to give us a healthier choice to make amends for the times that we took ourselves for granted. Its utmost goal is to be able to provide wholesome goodness in a less expensive way and bring wellness into the community it serves.

As 2021 arrives, we hope that we all flourish in spite of whatever we try to change or choose to remain in our lives this new year. We pray that we grow into persons who know what they deserve and demand ourselves a better way of living. We hope that as we brave this new normal, we remind ourselves that a little change within us is all right, too.

Happy New Year to us! Cheers to a healthier and more prosperous years ahead!

Meaningful Monday

Meaningful Monday

Monday sets the tone for the week and as much as possible, we want it to be a productive one.

We kinda hate this day as it is the start of our early mornings, long hours of work, and a routine we all want to get rid of. But, if we will look on the brighter side, we’ll realize that Monday is like a little New Year. Every week, our hope gets renewed, mindsets being refreshed, and once again, goals are being established. We may or may not be able to achieve them as some days could be really overwhelming, and we might ended up passing our lists onto the next one, but that’s okay.

“We’ll start being healthy next week”, “we’ll stop our cravings on Monday”, and the list goes on. We are guilty of this, I know. But what else can we do?
We’re just humans. This world is full of temptations.

So instead of beating ourselves for the things we cannot do for now, let us be reminded why Mondays are amazing.

Mondays allow us to begin again. It waits until we’re ready to transform into the best version of ourselves. It lets us run into our own pace. It does not pressure us as we know there’ll be more to come.

We couldn’t be sure of the things that might happen in a week, but we still have this chance of making it a meaningful one.

Stay safe and well!

Berry Munch 🍓

Love month

Happy 1st of February! ♥️

In this month where love will be shown in different ways and forms, may we all get the love we truly deserve, and we hope to find it within ourselves.


Now, who wouldn’t love this collection of aesthetically pleasing, all-natural, and healthy finds? 🌿


May has always been one of our favorite months. Sun’s always up, waves staying low— summer at its peak.

These are the days we’ve been dreaming of during the hustle and bustle of life. There’s something about this month that screams vacation, relaxation, and a wild dusk-till-dawn run with people who matter the most. The days are long, and so are the nights, and we always wish for these fleeting moments to last forever.

Though times have changed and this summer may seem different from the usual, we still have the opportunity to make these days worthwhile. We now have the chance to see the world on a new perspective.

And as this month reminds us of a lot of things, may we also remember these—

MAY we never get tired of trying something new.

When we reach for our goals and dreams, MAY we never doubt ourselves on how far we can go, and fly.

MAY we have the courage and will to redefine our priorities in life.

MAY we always find ourselves worthy of resting.

And above all, MAY we always see the light of the day to remind us the beauty of new beginnings.