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No refunds. I am not responsible for any damaged or lost items. All items are safely packaged by me. Once the item is shipped it is out of my hands.

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Payment methods are through venmo. There is a free gift for every order!

Thank you again!! :D

BTS Diy Photocards

🍥Cute bts diy photocards, comes with a toploader.

🍥Color of Filters(on photo): pink

🍥Choose Sticker Design: bear, bunny

🍥Choose member(s): jungkook, jimin, namjoon, jhope, taehyung, yoongi, jin

🍥Price: $3.00

🍥Shipping: $1.00

BTS Mini Clay Dish

🧸BTS mini clay dishes (logo only). You can use this to put any jewelry or other small items you have. Or you can have them as a decoration!!

🧸Dish Color: purple, pink, blue, green

🧸Size: Small

🧸Price: $4.00

🧸Shipping: $1.00

BTS Name Bracelets

🍼Colorful BTS bracelets. (some might be small so put them on carefully)

🍼Members: namjoon, jin, yoongi, jhope, jimin, taehyung, jungkook

(members name are different but still the same. ex: v and tae...different but still the same member).

🍼Color: Rainbow

🍼Price: $2.00

🍼Shipping: 1.00

Hey everyone. Because of shipping hours I wouldn't ship out on Sundays. I will only ship in the US and won't be shipping internationally. —

My business days are from Mondays to Thursdays. I will try to restock and make more items. :)