How it all started

It all started when the personal chef for besthomefood Nicole Perez was a little girl. Her entire life she had a passion for the kitchen which has let her get to where she is today. Besthomefood first came out the year of 2020 in NYC, where we had great experiences with our costumers and built a relationship that will never be forgotten. In 2021 our business has moved to Kissimmee, FL where we are now building more relationships with our new costume

Paella Menu

Seafood Paella

This Paella comes with all seafood toppings. It will include the following:
1. Calamari
2. Shrimp 
3. Clams
4. Mussels
It is up to the costumer to have this Paella customized. Costumer can include Lobster as one of the additional item.

All of our Paellas will include a side of Cesar Salad and garlic butter toasted bread.

For all occasion menu

This menu is made of different varieties and options to add and customize for any event or party.

Spanish Tapas

The Spanish Tapas can include practically anything, it can be from a chunk of tuna, a cocktail onion, and an olive skewered on a long toothpick and other ways to be decorated as well.

Picalonga/ Frituritas

Las frituras dominicanas una comida callejera por excelencia, incluyendo fritos, carne mixta frita, mariscos fritos, longaniza, papa fritas y más.

Picaderas Dominicanas

Nuestras Picaderas Dominicanas son especialmente nuestras empanaditas de yuca, los pastelitos, los más sabrosos quipes, frituras perfectas para las fiestas y eventos también incluyendo el mayo-ketchup para untar.

Club Sándwich