The Island of the Pirates

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The Island of the Pirates
Characters: Dilton Will
Pirate's Captain Jack
Mr Norington Narrator
This story is about three friends living in America who study in high school
of Riverdale city, their name was Jack,
Will and Dilton who accidentally reach the Island of pirates.
Scene 1 (Planning for a picnic)
Narrator: ( One day Jack, Will and Dilton were coming from the school)
Jack: Today was our last day of school.
Dilton: Not the last day! We will go to tenth class after the vacations.
Will: Well said! But I was thinking that as long as there are vacations, we went to have a picnic somewhere?
Jack: Good idea!
Dilton: But where will we go?
Jack: I know a park! The Green Shading park.
Will: So shall we go there?
Dilton: how far is it from here?
Jack: Not very far, it is three kilometres from here but to get there we have to cross a sea.
Dilton: So how will we get there?
Jack: Don't worry about that, my father has a great boat, I will bring that.
Will: And what about food?
Jack: We will bring it from home.
Dilton: Okay! You guys come to my house tomorrow, the sea is too close from there.
Narrator: ( Jack, Will and Dilton plan to go to the park)
Scene 2 (The wrong way)
Narrator: (The next day Jack and Will meet outside the Dilton's house)
Dilton: (Stepping out of the house) Hey! Both of you have come.
Jack: We had been waiting for half an hour.
Will: Boat and oar are ready.
Jack: (lazily) First you both drive the boat.
Narrator: (After an hour, high tides start running in the sea due to which the boat starts going in the wrong direction)
Jack: (Shouting) We are going to the
wrong direction.
Will: We are unable to control the boat Narrator: ( Suddenly a strong wave comes and sweeps the boat)
Scene 3 (Stuck on the Island)
Narrator: ( When Jack, Will and Dilton's eyes open, they find themselves on an Island)
Will: Where are we?
Jack: We are on an island of pirates.
Dilton: But how do you know that this Island belongs to pirates?
Jack: Because of that flag, see that such a skull mark is on the flag of pirates.
Will: So should we go from here?
Jack: Our boat is swept away in the sea so we can't even go from here
Narrator: ( When Jack, Will and Dilton move on they find that there are very strange and dirty people who were all staring at them, suddenly five people come and tie them all up.)
Jack: (Angrily) Where are you taking us?
Will: ( Angrily) Leave us!
Dilton: Leave us otherwise.....
Pirate 1: (Slapping) Otherwise what child....... What you will do hmm?? (Laughing)
Narrator: ( Pirates take them to their
Pirate 1: Captain I've got these three outside, I think these are spies.
Pirate 2: But how can these children be spies?
Pirate 1: Shut up! you idiot!
Pirate's Captain: Shut up you both! Welcome to Tortuga Island child! Why have you come to my Island? (Angrily) to spy??
Dilton: (Fearfully) W... We are not spies.
Jack: Our boat has bought us here.
Will: Let us go, please!
Pirate's Captain: Do you want to go? (Laughing), Once a stranger comes to my Island, We do not let him go so easily. Tie them, I will teach them a lesson after lunch.
Narrator: ( When the captain of the pirates goes away, a pirate with a hat comes towards Jack, Will and Dilton.)
Jack: Who are you and what do you want from us?
Narrator: ( The person removes his hat )
Jack: ( Confused ) Mr Norington? Are you a pirate?
Will: Do you know him?
Jack: Yes, he is my father's friend but I have told you that he supply oil tankers from one country to another.
Mr.Norington: Be patient, I'll arrange for you to get out of here.
Narrator: (Mr Norington leaves and after a while, the Captain of the pirates enters in the scene )
Pirate's Captain: You will not be given anything to eat, you will die by hunger.
Dilton: Better to die hungry then eating your food.
Pirate's Captain: (Angrily) I will make you feel that you will beg for your death, kid!
Narrator: ( Pirate's Captain leaves after giving his man order to keep an eye on all three. The pirate fires around Jack, Will and Dilton, this makes their condition worse. Suddenly Mr Norington attacks the pirate's head with a stick because of which he faints. Then Mr Norington extinguishes the fire. )
Mr Norington: I have arranged a boat for you to leave from here. Now take this dress and make disguise like pirates so that no one can recognise you.
Jack: Won't you go with us?
Mr.Norington: No, I can't come with you. You guys move fast before anyone comes.
Narrator: ( Jack, Will and Dilton hide from the pirates and reach the boat and say goodbye to Tortuga Island forever)
Scene 4 (Meets a stranger)
Narrator: ( A few years later.... When Jack, Will and Dilton have graduated. All three were sitting in a restaurant and drinking coffee suddenly a stranger comes.)
Stranger: Can I join your table?
Dilton: Yes sure!
Will: Won't you introduce yourself, stranger?
Stranger: My name is.....
Jack: What?
Stranger: Norington Vicetone!
Jack: (Surprised) Mr Norington? I thought you were dead.
Will: Why were you on Tortuga Island in a pirate's disguise?
Mr Norington: It was Twenty-one years ago, In 1999 we supply oil tankers from one country to another. One day our ship was attacked by pirates, some people were injured and some died and pirates robbed all the oil tankers. The captain of our ship was having his last breath, I went to them and he ordered me to always fight against these oppressors and never let them kill any innocent. Since then I have been saving lives of people in a disguise of a pirate but now my duty is over because I stole the ship of those pirates, so now they cannot come out of their Island nor attack anyone.
Narrator: ( Jack, Will and Dilton make this a memorable incident and live their lives happily)

Written by~
Umair Ahmad