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I have always known that I wouldn’t end up with the typical 9-5 for the rest of my working life, my desire to explore the world definitely has something to do with that feeling I’ve always had in the pit of my stomach.

At the age of 17 I graduated from school and have felt lost ever since not knowing where or what I was suppose to do with myself, I already didn’t do the norm and skipped going to university (my mum wasn’t the happiest about that decision) but I had no idea what I wanted for me and my life, so I did what I was suppose to do and got a corporate full time job. The problem I have in my soul with having a full time 9-5 job is that you’d spend the whole year saving your ass off for a two week holiday (which anyone who loves travel knows 2 weeks is not enough to explore) and then you start all over again.

I wanted an out I wanted to work online so badly so I could travel and just live my life as me. I was following a lady I grew up with and saw she was making money online doing Network Marketing so I jumped in and had to ask how, I thought yep that’s it ! I’ve found what I’ve been looking for ! I bought the products tried to learn about them and then tried to sell them to everyone I knew and felt anxious and guilty about it as I was a major people pleaser. At that moment I hit rock bottom and thought nope this isn’t me I guess this online hustle just wasn’t for me so I left Network Marketing.

As I was scrolling through Facebook one night I came across an add that caught my eye and I had to know what this opportunity was I went all in and here I am on this incredible journey with the most amazing high vibe community that encourages everyone and celebrates everyone’s wins

Hope to see you on this journey aswell !