A few details about me

Jesus saved me and has gently helped me grow into everything He’s called me to...not that I do any of it perfectly, but I’m willing to do it imperfectly until I can do it well.

I’m a country girl, raised on a farm and moved to the mountains when my husband Jason & I married at the age of 19.
Growing up in low-income families, being married so young in the middle of a recession, and having 2 children in the next 3 years, we were very happy but money was always very tight and just barely enough despite our very thrifty ways.
Network Marketing was what first helped us understand that life didn’t have to stay that way. So we started intentionally working, learning, saving, and growing…we invested into our financial understanding and personal growth, because we now understood that the only thing that held us back, was us. Would we grow our current mindsets & habits in order to improve our financial future and leave a different legacy for our children?
Now, we’re on track to retire on a 20 acre homestead property, by age 40.
And as a wife, homeschooling momma, and home business entrepreneur, I keep meals as SIMPLE & healthy as possible, trying to fit everything into life smoothly and help other mommas do it too.

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My Top Health Picks

Top Favorite Natural Health Supplements

I grew up using supplements, herbs & home remedies, as a young SAHM I made my own herbal tinctures & teas.
But I was still sad postpartum, still catching almost every bug that came along, my moods swings were awful, my periods were becoming more painful, my face was constantly breaking out, I had itchy toes, dandruff, and my hair was thinning… you get the picture.
My aunt told me about these supplements and how they could help, so while it didn’t really fit in the tight budget, I decided to try.
6 months later, I knew I wanted to keep going and wanted Jason to use them as well.
I saw the potential in the business opportunity that comes with these products, to be able to pay for our own products and make some additional income for our family, while helping others improve their health - a win win!
So here I am.
In this business I seek to serve you by giving you great customer care and helping you get great results in your health!
My customers aren’t just numbers to me, they become my friends. Their wins are my wins, and I am so grateful for them!!❤️