Weight loss

Tell the world what you’re made of

Hi, my name is Arianna perez, I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life.
I wanted to make this vlog to show my struggles and for people to come together and relate with my struggles

Food Restriction

It’s ok not to be ok

“Food restriction”
Food restriction is a very serious topic I wanted to go into, I feel like every one at least once in there life will go through it , it is a natural thing to do, but of course not a healthy thing to do.
My opinion is I feel like people shouldn’t feel bad for putting food in there body , your body lives off of food , now imagine how your body would feel without it getting its food , look at it this way if you got a deep cut and simply didn’t put a band-Aid on it it would most likely get infected and it would get worse and worse because you are not Giving the cut what it needs to heal see that’s is the same way with your body, with out food your body would slowly lose its self, our body already dose so much for us, why should we take away something that means the most to our body.
I was thinking about this the other day , I went to my friends and I brought my own food because I said “ I just wanna eat healthy “ later on we decided to go to the store and get chips , ice cream and drinks , I though to my self shouldn’t I feel bad for eating this and you know what “ you don’t need to” things happen and you know what we just need to find the positive things that’s come out of the situation , and you know what I really enjoyed it , treating myself, having fun with my friends and of course living.
Now we shouldn’t feel bad for putting food in your body
We are human.

Chole ting 2 week shred

Is it actually worth the 2 weeks

So.. I’ve been trying out some new workouts and I saw a lot of people trying out this 2 week shred, I decided to give it a look.
Starting off at this challenge I definitely over looked it, I thought that is was gonna be easy and it was just gonna be fun....
well I was wrong, the frist day I was already dying it was crazy , it works out your whole body, I just finished day two, the thing that helps me pass by time easy is watching YouTube also having my full attention to the workout, I’ve seen a lot of people do this workout and I feel like YouTube try’s to sugar coat the people that don’t have the best results, going into this challenge I told myself it’s not what matters on the scale it is how I feel, I took all my measurements and I was off , I have 12 more days and I will tell you how they are when I finish ✨💓