Hey there!

So many new friends here so I just wanted to reintroduce myself.

Hey I'm Betty!
A 55 year old wife, mom, grandmother aka "Nena" & fur-mom.
3 years ago after years of smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy, medical problems & just not taking care of me I was not comfortable in my own body! I was convenienced that was how I would feel the rest of my life. Not wanting to settle with being miserable I decided to try products a friend recommended. Honestly I had very little faith they would work but I figured I had nothing to lose if they didn't.

Fast forward 2022...I not only still take the products daily, feeling better than I did in my 20's I have the added bonus of earning an income! Talk about a life changing experience! Now Health & wellness, mind growth and Lifestyle is my obsession!

Helping others become the best version of themselves all while earning an income from their phone is my passion! Whether your wanting to get healthier, earn an income or both it starts with YOU! You believing in yourself & deciding to just go for it! Our paths have crossed for a reason... So come let me help you. Stop waiting for "someday " and make TODAY the day you take your life back!