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Changing our autoimmune identity

A little about me

My mission in life is to inspire as many people as I can to live the life they desire. I overcame 3 autoimmune diseases by taking control of my nutrition, lifestyle, and implementing a mind, body, soul approach on how to heal from the inside out.

I believe everyone of us has a unique purpose in this life and a vision for what we want our life to look like, But then internal and external factors start to dampen that dream. Illness is a huge determining factor that can crush our dreams and entire life .

This happened to me at 21 years old. I spent my birthday in the ICU and that’s when it hit me that this was no way to live. There had to be something I can do . And I did, slowly and diligently made incremental changes that shifted my entire life.

From spending 3 years in and out of the hospital to living my dream life at the beach, coaching others on living well, it’s been an incredible turn of events.

I wish I could sit here and give you a magic supplement or superfood that changed everything. But that’s not the case. It’s a comprehensive approach of bringing balance to all spheres of life. It takes work and dedication, but my promise to you is that all of this is possible!

Come join in on this incredible life that we have the honor of creating!

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