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Virtual Assistant & Social Media Manager

Hello! I am happy you found your way here! I am Elizabeth and I am hopeful I can help you with all your Virtual Assistant needs.

Why would you need a Virtual Assistant?

If you’re running your own business then you are well aware of how long the list of “must get done’s” can get and how heavy that list weighs. How much more time would you be able to spend with your family or on your next big project if you outsourced small tasks? Could you be making more money by creating content for your business instead of spending time sorting through emails or searching for important DMs? Let me be your right hand woman and make your valuable time stretch farther then ever before.

Social Media can be overwhelming and confusing. I can help with that. —

When you become a Social Media Client you receive a fully customized experience. Included in Packages 1) mini branding board 2) fully built out Content Pillars 3) a hashtag strategy based on your niche, target audience and location 4) personalized temples for posts and stories.

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Large or Small let me check those todos off your list. —

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