if God decide to teach human, he will teach all necessary knowledge for human being.

Why Quran?

For muslim who seek guidance from Allah, Qur'an and Rasulullah certainly the priority for us to learn from.

Allah said Qur'an is enough & complete for us human being until the day of judgement in the hereafter. (QS. Al Maidah ayat 3)

With vast problem and knowledge in this life.
Allah guide us through Al-Qur'an to focus our mind and effort in life.

He show us what truly important in this life and what's not.

Human perspective is limited and can be wrong, but Allah have flawless and complete view of everything.

That's why in this page we'll focus to learn Al-Qur'an and History of Rasulullah concise or in depth learning.

You're Wrong! it's not Earthworm

you might do it wrong

What is earthworm? We call it earthworm because we think they live in the soil right?

The thing is Lumbricus Rubellus, Eisenia fetida (tiger worm) and African Night Crawler doesn't live in the soil.

They live in a place where there's a lot of organic matters.

in the other side Earthworm live in the soil because there's a lot of microorganism like bacteria, they eat it.

When there's no more surplus of organic matters those worms (Lumbricus, ANC and tiger) will eat their own weight, eventually will die and leave eggs which can stay dormant for months even years till there's another surplus of organic matters.

Their eggs will hatch by organic matters acid. They can detect when is the right time for them to hatch and start working (eating).

So it's not earthworm.

But, an organic matters worm, they Decompose organic matters of plants.

Like Black Soldier Fly which eat organic matters surplus too, but they eat meat too.

Maybe we can call it organic matters decomposer worm. Hmm.. We need new terms..

That's why worm farmer trying to catch local earthworm for making worm farm and feed them organic waste, but failed.

Or maybe you'll try to put your Organic Matters worms to the soil and they died without you knowing.

That's why we need to understand it right

Writer: Adam


Geoff Lawton PDC Day 1 Introduction to Permaculture