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We are Harry & Joycelyn, founders of Beyond The Aisle, a faith-based non-profit birthed out of our marriage journey and a desire placed on our hearts by God to impact marriages for generations to come. We have experienced firsthand the effects of an unhealthy marriage. The toll takes on couples emotionally, spiritually, and physically, and for this reason, we continually work to prepare and equip couples.

How do we do this? As Christians, we know and believe that God created and ordained marriage. As Christians, our marriage is a reflection of God's relationship with mankind. The journey of marriage is an example of love and submission that is seen through the life of Christ. For that reason, we look to Him for guidance on how we are to live out our marriages in a way that brings glory to Him.

We envision a generation where engaged couples spend as much time investing in marriage preparation as they do the wedding. Where exchanged marriage vows mean more than just words but rather are understood to be binding and divine.

We desire to foster an environment where couples can share honestly without feeling shame because of difficulties in their marriage. A community where couples can connect through mentorship, facilitated conversations, and groups. A safe space to share experiences, both good and bad, and to feel supported especially, during the "for worse" part of marriage.

We hope your time here with us is well spent. We pray that as you browse through the various pages and learn more about our cause, you will be inspired to be a part of our quest to provide impactful marriage preparation and marriage strengthening tools.

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Join us as we discuss various topics around marriage preparation & walking the marriage journey. We share our own personal journey as well as what’s been helpful along the way.

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