Simplified Nutrition Classes

These are classroom sessions, conducted over Google Meet, in small batches every month

8-10 hours total, over 2 weekends, 2-2½ hours each day

Price: 100 CAD or ₹6200

Please read on for details about what the course covers, and to see if it is for you. If you're interested to join the course or simply know more about it, fill the form given at the bottom of this page, and book a short complementary call to clarify any questions.
(The link for booking short complementary call is shared on the last page of form submission, please don't miss that!)

Topics covered (not given in order)

- Carbs

- Protein

- Fat

- Fibre

- Glycemic index

- Hydration (water and electrolytes)

- Flexible eating

- What affects satiety 

- Practical strategies to manage macros

- Caffeine and Alcohol

- Body composition

- Healthy weight loss/ gain

- Common pitfalls (for long term results)

- Lactose intolerance 

- Other topics like
Antioxidants, antinutrients, fasting, inflammatory foods, reading labels etc

- Direction to credible sources for the future.

- FAQs for all the topics

- And raised questions during the class.

It is for you if:

- You want to understand how to keep you and your family healthy. (Even if multiple people need help, usually just one person from the family attending is enough)

- You are unable to get results / not sure where they are making a mistake

- You have some knowledge about nutrition but it's too complicated to be followed

- You want clarity as you feel confused with excess knowledge

- You have lifestyle disorders like prediabetes, PCOS, regular acidity, constipation etc

-  You want to understand how to get started on a healthier path but are clueless 

Fill the form below, and book the complementary call to speak directly with me about this course!

Simplified Nutrition One on One (Personalised) program

This is the program for you, if you want personalised guidance regarding your eating habits, lifestyle, and exercises. While we do cover all the knowledge topics, this includes a detailed look into your daily lifestyle, and I'll tailor my advice to match your situation exactly. Also, all your interaction will be directly with me, so no generic guidance! Please note that I don't have any associates.

This works over daily WhatsApp messages and 30 to 40 minute calls once a week for a minimum of 5 weeks, and a maximum of 2-3 months.

Read on to see what this program covers. If you're interested in joining the program, or if you want to discuss your personal case, please fill the form given at the bottom of this page and book a short complementary call to speak with me directly.

(The link for booking the complementary call is shared on the last page of form submission, please don't miss that!)

Things covered:

- Your daily food logs are reviewed by me personally, feedback helps you correct basics, small changes regularly.

- We stay in touch over WhatsApp regularly, you can ask any questions via voice messages/ text, You can share a few food labels etc with me and will take up the relevant topics in the calls or explain with text/ voice messages.

- In the Starting Call we talk about your food pattern, your schedule and timings and available food. A lifestyle blueprint is shared with you (with your choice of / convenient food). The idea is to make the least changes to existing food, to make it sustainable.

- In Weekly Calls (30-40 mins each) we cover all the topics (shared on previous page) but here with relevance from your past food logs, and in accordance to individual preferences and issues

- Weekly calls also cover any unanswered questions from messages, any further doubts

- Basic guidance on needed exercises and how to keep them progressive at home.

This is for you if:
- You feel you require personalised attention to get results

Please fill in the form to speak with me directly!