About me

On a mission to empower the world by empowering you

We all have innate gifts. Blessings given at birth that we are not taught how to access or empower. We all crave connection and self relationship, and the most impactful way to cultivate this is to connect to our core values, wisdom, and innate gifts. We must learn how to reconnect so we can grow. In a healing journey with me, we start here. We explore and connect you to your innate wisdom, we build a connection to it, and we watch the magic be created as a ripple effect in your life. Hi, I am Bianca, your intuitive healer and self-love coach.


See what clients are saying

Kiana T.

“I came to the session a little anxious and unsure however, Bianca was a calming and grounding energy. She not only explained the process prior to beginning the ceremony but asked me thoughtful questions to clarify my intentions and desire. Through her I was able to connect to my ancestors and hear much needed reassurance. I would definitely recommend her services.”

Rachel V.

“Wow! I am honestly mind blown after my akashic records reading with Bianca. It was SO synchronistic for me and resonated SO much: I truly believe she taps into the real akashic records. It was so touching and eye opening that it brought me to tears. Bianca is VERY intuitive and I am so grateful for her reading. I would reccomend her to ANYONE wanting to get more clarity in their life. If your thinking about getting your akashic records read, hit her up. She’s incredible.”

Rebecca H.

“My Akashic Records reading with Bianca was a beautiful & powerful experience where, through Bianca, I was able to connect with my masters, teachers & loved ones to realize I am fully loved & supported, and am empowered with their collective wisdom within myself. As soon as the opening prayer started, answers started coming into my consciousness. I also received meaningful images and words channeled through Bianca that brought me to tears with relief. The self doubt, indecision, & anxiety about making a wrong choice melted away. I’m so grateful to Bianca for guiding me in this experience because I now have the confidence & freedom to continue my journey.”

Your souls past, present, and future lives

Ask questions and seek answers from the many lifetimes your soul has and will live. Feel loved. Allow me to help you access the love and support of your masters, teachers, and loved ones. You have support within you.

Awaken the Kundalini energy within you

When awakened and beckoned, the energy is consciously drawn upward through the physical body, the subtle body is awakened and the path to self-actualization and awareness is cleared of blocks. Rising up and through the chakras.