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Daily Cleansing

Daily essentials to help keep your skin cleanse- prevent breakouts, reduce black, white head, provides skin firmness and reduce pores size

Daily Boost Up

Daily treatment in 2 mins - helps to hydrates, brightening, reduce pigmentation and acne scars

Weekly Treatment

Weekly treatment provide exclusive experience from head to toe with exclusive 4 different head.

Face: helps with anti-aging, reduce fines lines, wrinkles, skin detox, provides healthy skin,and lifted skin

Hair: helps to reduce hair dropping issues, strengthen and hydrated skin

Eye: helps to reduce dark eye circles, blood circulation, puffiness and wrinkles

Body: helps to reduce outer body fats, firm skin and reduce stretch marks

Brand’s Story

We deliver the best and unique experience to your skin

With more than 20 years of research and development on gene expression we comes out with this exclusive human gene expression technology — ageLoc to helps slow down the aging sighs in human’s body.

ageLoc series launch 20 years in the market, with the consistency of development and renovation we promise to delivery the best formulated treatments to the skin and generates an obvious results on the particular skin concerns and issues such as anti-aging, brightening, healing, forming and etc.