Hi, and welcome to Bicep Curls and Icing Swirls. My name is Jamie Shurtleff, certified PN1 Nutrition Coach.

You may be curious as to where this title originated from. No, we are not curling weights or icing anything here, but we are going to work together one on one to learn how to balance a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying yummy eats. Balance is key, hence my two favorite past times, working out and cookie/cake decorating!!
Before we dive into the good stuff, I wanted to share a little bit about my own journey with nutrition.

For the longest time I tried to out-train a bad diet. I would jump from one fad diet to the next. I would cut out food groups, cut my calorie intake super low, or restrict my favorite things thinking that was the only way I'd ever make progress. It only left me feeling frustrated and back to square one every time.

I was tired of trying to tackle it on my own. I reached out and hired my own one on one nutrition coach. That was the BEST decision that I ever made for myself. She didn’t just tell me what to do, she taught me how to do it. Never once did she make me give up anything. The only thing I had to give up were my excuses. Consistency was all it took. Once I learned how to put a good balanced plan into action - day after day - that's when I started seeing the results I always wanted. Learning how to fuel my body properly while still enjoying life has been the most rewarding part of my own health journey. I'm here to help you find that healthy balanced lifestyle you've been looking for, too!

Why the name Bicep curls and Icing Swirls?
Well, it’s everything I love all combined into one thing💕 Food•Fitness•ICING🍪

My main goal for this page is to teach you how to have a “balanced lifestyle”. What better way to teach a balanced life, then starting with my own?

If you are new here, Welcome!

I know what you must be thinking, cookies on a nutrition page?? Yes, cookies on a nutrition page!
Cookie and cake decorating are a fun hobby of mine. Fun fact: I worked at GiGi’s Cupcakes years ago and actually became swirled certified🤣. I don’t even think that’s a real thing, but I’ll claim it! When it comes to decorating, I find joy in creating little pieces of art! It’s like therapy🥰. I’m currently not taking custom orders, but from time to time you may see some of my “food art” pop on my feed!
I often get asked, how do you not eat them all? Well I don’t eat them all, but I do enjoy some from time to time. The fact that I know I CAN have one, honestly makes me not want one as much. Crazy how that works, huh? If I want one, I make it work into my eating for the day! It’s that easy!!

Then for the bicep curls, the gym is my happy place! It’s my “me time”! Weights were something I was always scared of. I thought heavy weight would make me bulky—boy was I wrong!! Weight days are now my favorite and the heavier the weight the better!! 💪🏼💪🏼

What is one on one Nutrition Coaching?

My goal as your coach is to not tell you what to do, but to teach you what to do. We will work together one on one to figure out the best course of action for your own personal needs. Everyone is different, and everyone will need different coaching methods.

For some, we may work through a reverse diet to repair damage of years of dieting and restriction. For some we may work through a fat loss phase in a safe, sustainable way. For some, it may mean maintaining your progress and learning how to sustain that progress over time.

We will work together to come up with your “next steps”. We’ll monitor those steps closely and see how they are working and when and if they need adjusting. Progress over perfection is our main goal. As your coach, I will be your guide along the way, but it’s going to take your consistent daily commitment to get you where you want to go.

If you are ready and willing, I’m ready to get started!

What’s the process for one-on-one coaching?

One on one coaching will consist of a 6 week commitment! We will work together closely to monitor your progress in the best ways possible.

Over the course of the 6 weeks we will have weekly 1:1 check-ins together. You will also record your measurement/weigh ins on Fridays using a google spreadsheet created specifically for you. We will use your data collected weekly to help guide you along the way.

Food Tracking will be strongly encouraged throughout this 6 weeks so we can make sure your daily calorie/macro nutrients needs are being met.

Benefits of 1:1 coaching:
•constant accountability
•weekly check-ins
•google spreadsheet designed for you specifically to collect your weekly data
•calculations for your specific calorie/macro needs
•tips, recipes, food ideas

6 week commitment

The first part of the coaching process consists of a detailed questionnaire. This helps me to learn all about you and know if I am the right coach for you. Once I’ve reviewed your questionnaire, I will get in contact with you to set up our first one-on-one meeting (in person or virtual). During our first meeting, we will discuss some “next steps” and figure out our action plan moving forward.

My goal at the end of the 6 weeks is for YOU to know the skills it takes to go out on the journey alone having a consistent plan of action.

NOTE: *I coach in a way that is sustainable to a healthy lifestyle. Please understand that this is not a quick fix or a specific written out meal plan. Some health issues are out of my scope of practice to coach and will need to be handled with your physician. In these certain cases, I will let you know If I am unable to coach you at this time.