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I only want to work with the Best. Put me in a room with individuals that’s making moving and impacting life’s. 


Shauntai NuNu will partner with you for 30 minutes of complimentary consulting by assessing your unique lifestyle, wardrobe challenges, wardrobe needs, body-type and personal taste. Shauntai NuNu will advise a plan of action to help you evaluate the wardrobe of your dreams. This consultation is held via Google Meeting or in-person.

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I help creative individuals find their unique style voice so they can standing out from the rest!

* Finding your personal style goes beyond loving what you wear. It offers you the life-changing opportunity to embrace your true, creative self and feel confident stepping out into the world. I’m passionate about empowering you to overcome the challenges that keep you from feeling comfortable in your own skin, and creating a contagious confidence that radiates to all areas of your life.After your consultation, you will work with Shauntai NuNu to develop your own personal style. Shauntai NuNu will analyze your specific style needs, pull complete outfits together for you: based on your lifestyle, personality, body-type, and budget.

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* Whether you need to be styled for an occasion or event, need to refresh your wardrobe, or need an entirely new wardrobe, this service allows Shauntai Nunu to take you shopping!

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* Shauntai Nunu offers her Personal Styling services Virtually through Google Meeting

* After your consultation, you will receive a Virtual Styling Package which allows Shauntai Nunu to get to know you and your current style. This package will help you develop your own personal style; including a full analysis of your personal style, customized Pinterest board, and customized mood board for your style reference.

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* Let’s get organize. This action will save you time and stress when getting dress.

* Are you holding to clothes, shoes, and accessories you don’t wear? Does your wardrobe need to be completely revamped and refreshed? Partners with Shauntai NuNu to create an action plan to achieve the closet of your dreams.

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* Are you going on a trip and don’t know what to wear? Or maybe you always seem to over-pack when you travel but never seem to have complete outfits? Do you need to save time with packing and styling your complete outfits?

* Shauntai NuNu creates an action plan around what to pack by giving you complete, interchangeable, and stylish looks for your entire trip.


Do you hate unpacking from a trip? How long goes it take you to drop off your garment to the cleaners? No worries my friend.

*Shauntai Nunu provide service to pick up your garment and deliver them back to your doorstep.
*Its simple schedule the appointment for pick up.


* Do you need to know what the fashion trends are, styles and color? Do you dread going shopping and/or have no time? You can’t find what you looking for. Maybe you need a gift for someone but don’t know where to find it?
* Shauntai Nunu will assess your needs in the consultation and go shopping for you.
* Shauntai Nunu brings the items to the comfort of your own home.


* After your consultation, Shauntai Nunu partners with you and the team to create your ideal image for your photo shoot/ set.
* Shauntai Nunu goes shopping for you and curates complete, stylish looks.
* A fitting beforehand is suggested but not required (it is an additional fee).
* Shauntai Nunu brings the complete looks to your photo shoot and is there for style support throughout your entire shoot. (You have to request this service)


Dress Like You Close Deals Daily 💕

Hi, I’m Shauntai NuNu! ✨✨

Are you tired of standing in your closet with nothing to wear? Do you pack your luggage same day you travel? 🛩Dress like you close deals 24/7? Hire the best wardrobe stylist in Atlanta, GA! Shauntai NuNu the wardrobe stylist with expeience in TV, 🎞film, editorial, commercial and lifestyle campaigns. Creating the perfect look through wardrobe analysis and closet organization.

Personal style is art. ✨You are here to be Great, Feel Great, & Look Great. We are living our lives to create memories. Creating the style that is a reflection of how you see yourself it evaluate your confidences and that’s my reward.🎖

Shauntai NuNu ambition drive for results is unmatch. Landing mentorship with a well establish celebrity stylist with over 20+ years in the industry was part of building the foundation. Shauntai NuNu styling 🙌assignments started with: (music artist) Tiny, the OMG Girls, Gucci Mane, Monica, to Atlanta Housewives, social media influencers and many more. From there Shauntai NuNu have earn film credits with cast member such as: Gucci Mane, Draya Michele, Robert Christopher, Tiffany Black, AJ Johnson, Scarface, Bun B, Gina Caliste , Kendrick Smith, Jessica Kylie, and many more.🌟

Bring out the best version of you, work with an expert, let’s get you organized. We have 💰millions to make this year! Try me, DM me directly on Instagram @billionairenunu so I can learn more about you and your desired new look!📲