Hi, I’m glad you’re here

Hey Friends! I’m Dani, I’m 24 years old & mama to two babies Bristol + Roland. I’m married to my best friend, & dog mama to two fur babies!

I’m a stay at home mama, photographer, and oil lady! My journey to wellness started shortly after my youngest was born. I was suffering with post partum neurological disorders, and some big emotions. I bought the kit for myself, but also wanted to see my six year old benefit from it as well. She has a super rare genetic disorder, and suffers from epilepsy & i wanted the oils to support her as a way to come off some medications!

When I bought my kit i had absolutely no idea it was going to change my lifestyle, my families lifestyle. That myself & my family was going to sleep better, have a better immune system, and support our stress + anxiety. I definitely didn’t have intentions on doing the business, but i feel so deeply in love with everything Young Living had to offer It didn’t make sense not to!

I’m the furthest from a “crunchy mama” trust me when i say my kids enjoy Chick-fil-A, and the occasional bad for you bubble bath. I never saw myself living a “low toxic lifestyle” but the benefits I’ve received from it, I’ll never turn back. Everyone benefits from non/low toxic living & I’m glad you’re here!