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Album by Bistro Boy and X.U.L. Limited Edition CD. Buy via Möller Records on Bandcamp


Released March 10th, 2021


evole is a personal album, an album about a transition, changes and vulnerability. Its a personal story, transforming emotions into music. This is an emotional journey in the search of hope, courage and love.

Ambient Theory Of Dreaming

Ambient Theory Of Dreaming is an exploration of the mind, dreams and the subconsciousness. A music for the mind. A music about the mind and the world beyond our awaken senses.

Píanó í þokunni

Píanó í þokunni is a dreamy tribute to Bistro Boy´s long lasting relationship with his piano, a musical journey, from the past to present. Sounds and samples from the past come to life in the moment creating a whole new musical context of its own.

Svartir sandar

Svartir sandar (Black sands) is Bistro Boy´s second LP and his fifth Möller Records release. The album contains 10 tracks. Guest appearnce by Marty Byrne (Here We All Are) and Edward F. Butler (Memories). Downtempo & chill-out electronica with a little vocal twist.


On Journey Bistro Boy takes the listener on a travel around the world collecting sounds and samples that become a part of a story stretching from one place to another. Bistro Boy welcomes guest singer Gisli Magna (Frozen thoughts) and guitarist Börkur Birgisson (Summer vibes) as well as a group of Masai women singing for a traveller far away from home (Border crossing)

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