Justin Bieber dreads

Justin Bieber's dreads are NOT culture appropritation

Let's understand this by these -

HINDUISM : Vedic scriptures provide the earliest known written evidence of dreadlocks. Their exact date of origin is still in dispute, ranging from 2500 and 500 BCE.The dreadlocked Vedic deity Shiva and his followers were described in the Vedic scriptures as "jata" meaning "wearing twisted locks of hair" most likely derived from the Dravidian word "caTai", which means to twist or to wrap. The Vedas are the primary texts of Hinduism and had a vast influence on Buddhism, Jainism, and also influenced the Celtic religion, society and folklore. Ccording to Roman accounts of the time which can be found in the writings of Julis Caesar himself (the Celts wore dreadlocks as well), describing them as having "hair like snakes". The earliest evidence of dreadlocks, however, comes to us from the ancient Vedic scriptures. Although this evidence is not as substantial as that of the ancient Egyptians, it suggests that dreadlocks could have existed even earlier. [source: Butterfly Tribe article on the History of Dreadlocks.}

AFRICA Maasai warriors are known for their long, thin, red dreadlocks, dyed with red root extracts or red ochre. In Nigeria, some children are born with naturally locked hair and are called by the Yoruba word Dada in Nigerian English. AUSTRALIA Some Indigenous Australians have historically worn their hair in a locked style. Traditionally,some wear the dreadlocks loose, or bind them at the back of the head, In North Australia, the tradition is for the dreadlocks to be greased with fat and coated with red ochre, which assists in their formation. EUROPE The Polish plait was so endemic in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth that it inspired the Latin name for it. It relates to the system of beliefs in European folklore, and healing practices in traditional medicine in medieval Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealt

BUDDHISM Within Tibetan Buddhism and other more esoteric forms of Buddhism, locks have been substituted for the more traditional shaved head. The most recognizable of these groups are known as the Ngagpas of Tibet. For Buddhists of these particulan sects and degrees of initiation, their locke hair is not only a symbol of their vows but an embodiment of the particular powers they are sworn to carry. 1.4.15 of the Hevajra Tantra states that the practitioner of particular ceremonies "should arrange his piled up hair" as part of the ceremonial protocol.

RUSSIAN CULTURE : Inspired by tactics of civil disobedience used by the followers of Martin Luther King J Eastem Europeans started wearing dreads to show their solidarity for civil rights. Dreads were also used to show general rebellion against totalitarian structures. Henceforth, wearing dreads became a separate cultural phenomenon in Eastem Europe. In the former Soviet bloc it is a bol act to wear dreads and it also has its own cultural context.

CONCLUSION? We have come across people from the Afros community or blacks in general on socials who dont find a problem with JUSTIN BIEBER wearing dread locks and them referring to the dread locks as some mere hairstyle and not having issues with it Basic research has shown that dreads have been worn by Gods from other religions (for instance, Lord Shiva, an Indian God,) and ancient people of other cultures dating back to 1800s such as saints and leaders with different motives. Keeping in mind all the hardships blacks had to go through in their past while considering the response of people from the community, to whom's culture the hairstyle might be an appropriation to as could be reasonable to speculate if a particular hairstyle should belong to one culture alone. IF THE LOCALS DO NOT HAVE AN ISSUE WITH ALLOWING HIM TO HAVE IT, WHY NOT CHANGE THE STEREOTYPE WRT CHANGING ONE'S HAIRSTYLE WHILE ONE'S BIRTH GENDER CAN BE CHANGED?

Justin's dreads do not deserve hate