He aha te kaupapa?

What is it we do you ask??

Kia ora~ Hola we are S I S T E R S ✨ of Māori/Spanish decent from The fruit bowl of Aotearoa, NZ
☀️ Te Matau a Maui~Hawkes Bay ☀️

Our passion is to Inspire all while impacting many-
Creating more time with the ones we love to do things we love. Join our haerenga to financial freedom.

We decided to invest in our own businesses -yes we both have launched 🚀 our own online business partnered with a high end product to create the life that we deserve. Breaking the traditional concept of the 9-5 workforce and now making the new 9-5 work for us.

What has brought you here?

Curiosity got the best of you.. and you want to know what it is that we are doing to change up our money game. 😏

Health- a high end product that is not only good for us and our whānau/families but for the planet too.

Personal Growth- advance learning and internal healing and the game changer for us is this- self BELIEF!

Say it- I can live the life I WANT, on MY terms.

It took 1 year of sitting on the side line scared to take a risk because I realised I had no belief in what I was capable of and what I could achieve. Now here I am flowing in the abundance that I blocked myself from with my bestie in tow!

Elevation requires seperation and that is exactly what had to be done. As soon as You stop being emotionally attached to money, money will no longer control you and it will begin to flow in like water. Our WHY is so much stronger and greater than our doubts.

Do you want to work for money.. or do you want money to work for you?? Do you want to flow like water so abundant and free? Or do you want to stay still like a lake waiting to be set free? Kei a koe te tikanga. Only you can portray your own destiny- so don’t limit your self belief. You can do it, just like many of us other driven wahine and tane have. Here to talk with you more and support you where needed follow our link below to learn more. Xx Melz and Lissy- SISTERS and Besties ✨ on a journey to creating our legacies.