FOR NYers : come grab a coat or baby diapers and wipes from us. Email [email protected] for address

Currently our energy is going towards making sure people have what they would need to get through winter. So please reach out for coats.

Please join our virtual letter writing to Black sex workers held captive by the state and are surviving their kidnapping through a global pandemic Dec. 22nd 7pm! Please see link below to join.


Click the following link to join the meeting:


Just want to dial in on your phone?

Dial-in: +1.512.647.1431 PIN: 2986301268#

Click this link to see the dial in phone numbers for this meeting

People sprinkles all over offering free child care

NYC and Massachusetts

NYC- hi everyone! i’m dean (pronouns they/them) and i am a caregiver and school teacher! this summer i am providing $FREE childcare to BIPOC SWer families. availability 1-3 days/nights per week either in my home or yours. i promise to keep your profession confidential, and will never call the cops while your kids are in my care. i am great with creative play, games, reading, art, and am very compassionate, thoughtful, and patient with all kids 🌸 if you need childcare support email [email protected]

Brooklyn- Hi! I’m Lissy, a Thai queer cis woman & use she/her pronouns. I live in Brooklyn and have been working with children for the past 10 years, both in the school system & in the home. Some of my best memories with kids are from working at Lewis Latimer Elementary school in Bedstuy as an assistant to an amazing black 2nd grade teacher. For the past 5 years, I’ve been a volunteer with Regeneracion Childcare NYC, a free childcare collective. I am also a licensed clinical social worker and believe strongly in sex worker-affirming care. My practice celebrates the lives of BIPOC, queer & trans folx, and sex workers. I bring creativity, imagination, silliness, outdoor exploration, and Theatre of the Oppressed activities to my childcare. Offering free childcare to black sex workers. You can contact me on signal at 503-333-9711.

BROOKLYN- My name is Rachael and I am a queer, white cis-woman living in crown heights with my partner and dog.
I am a grad student studying applied theatre and I have about six years working professionally as a nanny in Manhattan.
I am currently offering $FREE childcare 1-2 days/nights a week in my home (only during covid, when things clear I can travel!)
My apartment is full of craft supplies, board games, all the good movie streaming services, and a very sweet puppy. I love cooking and can always work with the pickiest of eaters!
This is an anti-racist, pro-sw house and we acknowledge the importance of discretion and never involving the police.
You can email me at [email protected] if you’re interested in working with me!

Massachusetts- My name is Maya Brinton, I am a white 24 year old white cis-woman. I am an easy going libra who loves making art and who believes in the abolition of police, and freedom for Black people all over the US. I practice anti-racist childcare and have spent the past few years working in schools across Western Massachusetts. I have experience working with children with special needs, as well as teaching content such as math, writing, and reading. I love working with kids because they teach me about creativity, patience, and love! I will be offering FREE childcare to Black sex workers through Black Hustlers MA. I currently live in Hadley Mass. I can drive and feel comfortable traveling to Northampton, Amherst, Holyoke, Springfield, Greenfield, Easthampton, and other smaller towns around Western Massachusetts. I can travel to you as well as taking care of children from my home. I am pro sex-work and understand the importance of discretion and unconditional support while potentially working for a sex-worker. I am open to discussing further needs! You can text or call me directly at 434-326-7960 or email me at [email protected]

Black Hustlers Mutual Aid also willing to pay up to $100 in childcare for your own sitter. email [email protected] ”childcare” & nothing else. for your safety.

Reading recommendations for sex workers

Political education to understanding sex work, abolition and Black feminism etc

Books to pick up

Are Prisons Obsolete by Angela Davis
The End of Policing by Alex Vitale
The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
Of Woman Born: Motherhood as Experience and Institution by Adrienne Rich
From Black Lives Matter to Black Liberation by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
Carceral Capitalism by Jackie Yang
Woman, Class & Race by Angela Davis
This Bridge Called My Back writings by Radical Women of Color
Golden Gulag by Ruth Wilson Gilmore
Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde

Online reading recommendations

8 to Abolition

No New Jails jail plan

What is mutual aid?

Solidarity economy

Food sovereignty

A whole breakdown on what abolition would look like

No New Jails in NYC

There's plans to build jails in NYC & further incarcerate Black sex workers and other Black people while lying about the closing of Rikers. We stand behind the statement NO NEW JAILS.

Mutual aid

The dream is for many more mutual aid groups lead and organized by Black sex workers for Black sex workers to exist. Mutual aid is the connection we need to build to get us to liberation and keep each other safe. WE KEEP US SAFE.

The issue with EARN IT ACT

This is an anti sex work bill that will further push criminalization

About the FREEdom boutique

Black Hustlers Mutual aid sister group

The FREEdom Boutique is a mutual aid collective that works to build community solidarity by addressing material needs, providing political education, and promoting food sovereignty. Using this abolitionist framework, our efforts intend to prevent our people, Black people, from being fed into a colonial capitalist white supremacist criminal system by opening a moving store with material necessities where everything is FREE. Our goal is to keep our community safe.

The FREEdom Boutique provides personal care items (such as pads, tampons, & condoms), clothing, and highly nutritious groceries and nutrient dense meals and harm reduction kits. Through these efforts, our collective addresses period poverty and reproductive justice, food apartheid, and harm reduction in our community.

This project centers Black families, Black Sex Workers, Queer Trans Black People, and Black people, Black people who are housing insecure.

This is a living document that will change with who is involved.

This project is currently brought to you by a group of Black abolitionist organizers who are Haitian, GNC, Queer, Muslim, and No Gender.

This effort is out of Survival and LOVE.

Statement on the police reform proposal/trap

Black Hustlers Mutual Aid Statement on the police reform proposal by the mayors office on 3/16/2021 on sex work

This proposal is nothing short of egregious, insulting and damaging. This is written by Black sex workers to address the issues we find wrong with this foolish proposal and what we, Black sex workers of Black Hustlers Mutual Aid demand:

First, it is insulting that regardless of the real organizing sex workers have done that stated we want full deciminalization, a “pre arrest” that we are assuming will be coerced and still requires police and other agents of the state to “trap” sex workers is the best the mayor can and “advocates” could come up with. If there is a “pre arrest” plan as oppose to a “post arrest” plan this means police officers are still survialling sex workers which then means the state is not deciminalizing sex work and continuing its legacy of being a primary organizer of violence to sex workers.

Second, this proposal says “drastically reduce the amount of arrest” which means arrest to sex workers will not end. The state and state interest aligned organizers/organizations have co opted radical movement language like “decriminalize” and harm reduction from sex working.drug using communities while doing nothing of this sort. This is not a decriminizaization proposal, if arrest of sex workers are still a possibility. It is not lost on us that the plan does not list how clients will be dealt with, we are assuming this detrimental proposal will not work to stop arresting clients which means, it is not a decriminalization of sex work. This type of model has been praticed by other states and have harmed sex workers ability to make a decent living.

Third, police, prisons and state surveillance are capitalist and white supremacist instiutions and systems and they are primary organizers of racialize and anti Black gender based and whorephobic structural violence, we do not believe these same institutions can provide us with alleviation of our struggles and needs. These same administrations and institutions are partnering with the state to continue to build jails in our city and criminalize our people. This means Black people, sex workers, LGBTQ people, people involved in the sex trade and steet base workers. This is a fraud proposal to increase funding for harmful institutions like police by trying to play savior for sex workers and doing nothing WE asked for. We know based on how these capitalist white supremacist systems/ instituions operate this is a trojan horse to increase police funding. The proposal stated frivolously it would help sex workers with safty plans and yet, this proposal does not even admit or addressing the ways police both on a instiutional, strucutal and individual level have caused havoc to the lives of sex worker especially Black sex workers.

We are not fooled, this is the prison industrial complex finding new ways to expand itself and further root itself into our lives through liberalism.

Therefore, BHMA demands the following actions from the Mayor in his new found need to support sex workers:

Defund the police. We do think the money needs to go to housing, healthcare and other listed community based services. We do not believe that these need to be married with the prison industrial complex and we are not willing to compromise our communities. Grass root organizers and organizations that actually do work to keep our community safe have proposals on how the money given to the collaborative death making institutions in the PIC would be better used.
Legalization of all drugs. Period. We know one of the strongest ways to increase the incarceration time of a sex workers arrest is if they have a drug that is allegedly “illegal” on them.
Free all incarcerated people in the city of New York. Even prior to 2020 we have lived in a public health issue of state mandated, funded and organized pandemic of kidnapping and holding our people captive and calling it incarceration. These are Black people, undocumented people, queers, trans people and sex trading/working communties. Now, our people have to experience TWO pandemics with COVID- 19. We want the mayor to FREE THEM ALL in NYC by closing all the jails.

BHMA calls on other sex workers to also speak out againt this cringeworthy proposal. Attached is the proposal.

May 1st event vaccine registration

Black Hustlers Mutual Aid is partnering with Callen Lorde to provide Covid-19 vaccination Moderna to Black sex workers on May 1st from 1 pm-4pm at 88 Williams Ave. Callen Lorde will also be offering other health services in their mobile truck. Sex workers can expect to walk away with groceries, a hot meal & Fill The Gap will be providing reproductive justice packets including tampons and pads for those who need it.